14 October 2007

Eating Out in Cyprus

Of course I couldn't resist taking some photos when we were eating out!

Each meal would start with olives, olive oil and village bread.

The village bread, in fact, all the bread was so much better than any you could buy in the uk. I would quite happily eat it dry, but it was quite wonderful, dipped in olive oil.

I think the secret of the bread was that so many of the homes and restaurants still had wood burning stone ovens.

Unfortunately, I still can't get a taste for those olives, neither can Graham, so they were, I am afraid, left untouched! It seems such a crime, they look so good, those foul tasting beasts!


  1. I am like you, could live on bread and olive oil. I like those cute little dishes of oil and olives. Nice presentation. Oh to have an outdoor oven to bake bread...

  2. That you don't like olives is a real shame, Holler! I could weep looking at those gorgeous olives and knowing they weren't eaten. Perhaps I should give you my address so that next time you are in Cyprus you can jiffybag them up and send them to me... ;)

  3. The apps look great and it helps eating wood-oven bread and all eaten outdoors!

  4. Those little dishes were great Deb. Actually, I wish I had bought some while we were there! Instead we bought some dinky, inlaid, wooden bowls and the varnish came off, first wash! Pah!

    Hey Wendy I feel deeply ashamed, I have tried, honest! Jiffy bag at the ready!

    You are right Peter, the ovens did give the bread a lot of flavour and it is always good to eat outdoors!

  5. What a beautiful loaf of bread. Did you take any photographs of the wood-fired bread ovens? We were going to make one this summer, but there never seemed to be a weekend when it wasn't raining ;) so it's next summer's task, we hope. It means there's time to refine the design ...


  6. Hi Joanna,
    The only picture I have is the one on the post, showing the chef taking out some bread, I am afraid, I never got any closer!
    That sounds a great idea though, to have one of your own! Believe me, the bread will taste much better and what a great thing to do when you have guests around!

  7. I could live on bread and cheese for the rest of my life! I'm afraid I am not a huge fan of olives either. I have learned to tolerate them on pizza,in foccacia and in other dishes but not on their own. Perhaps you would like them disguised with other ingredient as I do???

  8. I am with you on the bread and cheese Val and I enjoy pizza, way too much! I can tolerate olive mixed into something else, but that is about it!

  9. I hate olives too, but I love bread. Hope yall had a perfect honeymoon!!

  10. Hi Vegan Noodle We did manage to have a couple of days away in a hotel, it was nice to have some time to ourselves!

  11. Mmmm...I also could live off bread and olive oil...yummy! And those olives look gorgeous! I used to be a hater too, but I love 'em now!


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