20 January 2008

Wherefore art thou Spring?

Brrr, it's cold here!

And pretty!

But very cold!

I am off to make some pear & ginger crumble. I will tell you all about it later!


  1. Huh. We had frost here almost every morning for a month or more but this last week it's been above (just) zero each day. And you're just down the road!
    Isn't frost pretty? :)

  2. It is up and down here Wendy, one minute it is freezing & frosty then it is wet. It rains alot in between and we are lucky to get a day with much sunlight, it is very dull and overcast! But the frost is pretty, I rushed out in my slippers to take photos, no coat or anything!

  3. Here in the Okanagan we don't see much sun over the winter due to the inversion factor...we have a ton of snow and it is cold out here in Canada! Roll on Spring Holler for both of us!!!!!

  4. What lovely shots Holler! Pear and ginger crumble..sounds delicious.

  5. The pear & ginger crumble turned out to be very, very tasty! I will put a post up for it soon.

  6. crumble sounds just right for your ice kingdom - the photos look so lovely! by the way I finally made your wonderful pea pesto and wish I had a neverending supply in my fridge (I guess I'll just need to make some more very soon!) - thanks for the great recipe - great for summer and maybe even for reminding you of summer :-)

  7. It's windy and cold over here too - no ice today though, hurray! Pear and ginger crumble sounds like a tasty dish to curl up with :-)

  8. Hi! Mild and very very very muddy would sum things up for Suffolk!

    But it's always the coldest day of the year on my Mum's birthday (it's usual that her Birthday treat gets postponed in case we get stuck in the snow or skid on the ice!) So watch out all the spring flowers that are bloomimg already and birds singing and looking at nest boxes - expect a cold snap before the month's out!


  9. Hi Johanna, I am glad you liked the pea pesto, I saw on your blog that you had made it to go with th most amazingly purple gnocchi!

    Does it feel like January will never end, for you too Jen?

    Welly weather for you then Celia? I hope the weather holds for your mum's birthday!

  10. Oh burrrr!!! Now that is cold!
    Actually, those are beautiful photos Holler!

  11. Thank you Deb, you are so kind and probably sitting in the sun with a glass of wine, Grrrr! Just as well I like you so much!


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