22 June 2008

Weather Watching

It has been getting steadily hotter here. We have been up to 40 degrees the last few days and Graham and I are just not used to it at all. Thank goodness for the pool and air conditioning!

We got a break in the weather yesterday though. We were having a family barbeque with Graham's parents and aunt and uncle when we all heard a rumbling, which got louder and louder.


And.... then the rain came down, pitter patter on the sun canopy above us and in the pool. It got heavier and heavier, but we weren't put off. We ran down the garden in the rain to the table at the bottom of the garden with the food and sat under huge sun umbrellas eating and drinking in the rain. It was great and it really cooled things off, oh, for about half an hour and then the steam started rising and the temperature rose too! Still it was nice while it lasted and everthing was so green and fresh afterwards.

Don't the hills look amazing during the storm?

A beautiful sunset to finish off the day!


  1. Well, you're not missing much back home - cold, wet........but we did have some thunder and lightening as well this afternoon. Make the most of your holiday. As we say in Scotland - the nights are fair drawing in now!!!!!

  2. Oh no Lynn, don't tell me that! We haven't even had a proper summer in Scotland yet.

  3. For a moment I had forgotten that you were on holiday and I thought it was 40 degrees in Scotland!! I was very confused as it hasn't been that great back at home. Hope you are having a good time - loved your story about the soup!

  4. Hi Antonia, I have heard tell of bad weather in Scotland! I am not looking forward to going back to it! I think if we did have that kind of weather in Scotland, the whole country would grind to sa halt! We wouldn't be able to cope!

    Hi Wendy, Thank you!

  5. Well, it looks like you're having a wonderful time. . . and that is just the MOST gorgeous scenery!

  6. What a beautiful place!!! The scenery is truly incredible. Enjoy the heat now. Scotland isn't sounding so nice!

  7. I started reading and thought-who thinks 40 is too hot??? I must have it over 80. Then I realized it wasn't Fahrenhiet. Here in Michigan, if it were always 80 and sunny and only rained at night, I would be so happy. I have photos at my blog of the local storm and the flood in Iowa. a nice late night rain for my garden is all I want.

  8. Thanks Kevin :)

    Hi RickiWe will be going home in a couple of days :( I will really miss the view while eating breakfast!

    It is gorgeous! Thanks for the heads-up on what I am going back to Judy! I will block it from my mind for the moment.

    Hi JanI forget that everyone calculates the weather a little differently.

    I am off to look at your photos!

  9. It rained buckets all weekend here too... Where has the summer gone?

    Sounds like a fantastically dramatic display though. And there is something lovely about the air afterwards. So fresh and clean.

  10. Nice photos! I'm impressed you're posting while on holiday!

  11. Glad you are enjoying your holiday. Time is best spent at the beach or poolside:D

  12. Holler, I love seeing your "weather day"! Sunset is awesome! What a beauty of a location!

  13. Hi Jen, it sounds like I will have to prepar myself for rain on entering the UK then. Pah!

    Hi Caked Crusader, does that mean I get brownie points?

    It is Urban Vegan!

    We have done plenty of lying beside the pool and swimming, Val. Unfortunately, it is being treated today, so I can't go in :(

    Thanks Deb :)

  14. Oooh, the heat! It was up to 47 when we were in California, just last week ... and we're SO glad to be back in the cool!

  15. Hi Davimack, you are just showing off now!

  16. I just love a good thunder storm! Glad you are having such a great holiday! Thanks for sharing tidbits with us!


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