22 February 2009

No Croutons Required - February Roundup

The roundup is a little later than usual, as my computer died and wouldn't let me recover my document. Arrrgh! Hey ho, I just had to start again, so better late than never, here it is!


They are always good aren’t they? You will be particularly impressed when you see the potato soup and salad recipes that have been submitted for this month’s No Croutons Required. I wasn’t overly impressed with my own entry, but I now have a lot more variations to try out.

We are starting this month’s line-up with a soup, courtesy of Sylvie over at A Pot of Tea and a Biscuit. Sylvie has made us a simple and tasty Turkish Red Lentil Soup, flavoured with a kick of paprika. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? Such a good start to the event.
(Manchester, England)

Next we are heading over to Feeding My Enthusiasms, where Elle has made us a Hearty Potato and Spinach Soup. What makes this soup really special, is the care taken in the preparation. Elle roasted the onions and potatoes in balsamic vinegar, before adding them to her rich green soup.
(Northern California, US)

Rachel over at Rachel’s Ramblings, is a first-timer here at NCR. Rachel is an author who keeps a very amusing diary blog, but has kindly ventured into the kitchen for us and whipped up a Potato, Pea and Coconut Soup, spiced up with chilli, nutmeg and black pepper. A delicious combination of flavours, I think you will agree?
(Gloucestershire, UK)

We have a salad next and a mouth-watering one at that! Johanna over at Green Gourmet Giraffe has made us a Dill Pickle Potato Salad. Potatoes, carrots, red onion, peas, dill pickle and caraway seeds, all coated in a vinegary dressing. Yum!
(Melbourne, Australia)

Priya over at Priya’s Nice N Tasty Recipes has made us a Leek & Potato Creamy Soup, but because this young lady lives in the city of love, Paris, she also calls it Veloute De Poireaux. Doesn’t that just sound divine? Definitely delicious in any language :)
(Paris, France)

I just knew this edition of NCR would be a popular choice with Val over at More Than Burnt Toast. Val loves the humble spud and has tempted us with a lot of tasty potato dishes over the years. This month Val strutted her potato stuff with a Spinach & Greek Potato Salad with Feta Vinaigrette.
(British Columbia, Canada)

Last month Soma from eCurry lured me with her Moroccan Harira Soup, which was so spicily tempting. Yet again she has surpassed herself and this month she serves up another Moroccan delight, Potato Salad with Herbs & Tomatoes.
(Texas, US)

Manda over at Asparagus Thin has made us a Curried Roasted Root Vegetable Salad, which sounds like it is packed with flavour. Parsnips, celery root, rutabaga, beets, potato and shallots, marinated overnight in a curried dressing and then topped with herbs just before serving.
(Virginia, US)

We have another first-timer next. Val from Soup and Song. Val has made us a tasty Potato and Chickpea Stew with Chipotle. For this spicy and stew-like soup, Val selected potatoes, leeks, garlic, carrots and celery, which she thickened and spiced up with tomato paste, Mexican oregano and chipotle chile in adobo sauce. Lovely!
(Oakland, US)

We are visiting California again, but this time to say hello again to Tigerfish over at Teczcape – An Escape to Food. Tigerfish has chosen to make a Rosemary Potato Salad of Roasted Potatoes and Caramelised Onions. Mmmmm! Roast potatoes are always a great treat to me, as I only have them about once or twice a year. I think this salad is going to be on my mind a lot :)
(California, US)

Next we have a blogger who had a bit of a break, but when she came back, we realised why. Let me introduced you to the newly wedded and with a newly souped up (forgive the pun) blog, Jenny from I Married an Omnivore. Jenny has made us a Rustic Whole wheat Potato Soup, which she insists I double dared or as she put it double dawg dared her to make. I deny all knowledge of this of course, he he!
(Michigan, US)

For my entry, I had a root around in the fridge and decided use carrots and sweet potatoes in my salad. I really liked the dressing, but I very slightly overcooked the sweet potato, so I wasn’t overly impressed by my own contribution. Luckily it is not up for the vote! So here it is, my Sweet Potato and Carrot Side Salad. (not in vote)
(Dundee, Scotland)

Next up is Sweatha from Tasty Curry Leaf, a veteran NCR blogger. Sweatha has made us a Cajun Style Potato and Kale Soup. I am really enjoying spicy soups at the moment and this one is spiced beautifully with paprika, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, oregano and thyme. This Cajun Seasoning would be good for spicing up a whole range of dishes. I will definitely be bookmarking this recipe.
(Banglore, India)

I’d like to welcome a new blogger from Bonny Scotland next. Claire from the The Hungriest Hippo. Claire has made us a Potato, Roast Garlic and Thyme Soup. Indeed, a whole head of garlic, which always tastes so sweet and delicious after roasting. A nice combination of flavours Claire :)
(Edinburgh, UK)

You couldn’t fail to love this next soup, it has such a fabulous name! It is Tater Frenzy made lovingly by Abbhi over at Soulful Creations. This is a creamy soup thanks to the soymilk added and given a slight tang with some balsamic vinegar. Yum! Welcome to NCR Abbhi, we hope to see a lot more from you in the future :)
(Maryland, US)

After a torturous visit to the dentist (well once the drugs wore off anyway), Ailsa from One Frugal Foodie, came up with this soothing dish - Rich and Creamy Potato Miso Soup. Ailsa claims she is not good at thinking up “flavorful yet harmonious concepts”, but forgive me for saying, that is tosh Ailsa LOL! This soup sounds really, really good. Keep them coming :)
(Las Vegas, US)

Who better to come up with a potato dish, than a potato ho! No, I am not being insulting, Potato Ho Down is actually a monthly potato event and if you are a member, then you are a Potato Ho, honest! Anyway, back to the next entry, which comes from the Potato Ho in question, KC over at Kits Chow. KC has made us a Potato Salad with Asparagus, Peas and Green Olive Tapenade. Sounds delish!
(British Columbia, Canada)

Our last entry is from my co-host and good friend, Lisa over at Lisa’s Kitchen. Lisa is in the midst of cold and snowy weather just now, which doesn’t seem to end, so she has made us a nourishing winter’s soup - Cream of Potato and Turnip Soup. Instead of the usual milk and flavour base, Lisa has added pureed white beans (cannelloni) to the soup, so that this soup packs a nutritional punch as well as being full of flavour. (not in vote)
(London, Canada)

Please vote for your favourite in the voting poll, over to the right, which will be up and running until the 27th of February, after which the winner will be announced and awarded a badge for their blog. (poll closed, see the winner here).

ps head over to Lisa's Kitchen at the beginning of March, to see what Lisa has chosen for the March edition of No Croutons Required.


  1. Fabulous round-up Holler. The humble potato has risen to new levels!!

  2. What a great round! Sorry I didn't manage to organise myself to enter this month but I'm very inspired by what everyone else has done. I am eyeing the potatoes in our veggie basket in a whole new light!

  3. It is a good roundup Val :)

    That's good Lysy, I am glad it has inspired you :)

  4. Fabulous roundup, as usual! So sorry I didn't get to play along this time (I did manage a last-minute potato soup--but turns out Alisa already entered it and I had used her recipe!). Can't wait to try all of this potato goodness. :)

  5. Oh well, never mind Ricki, at least you got to enjoy some really good soup :)

  6. Love the way you have summed up each and every soup.Waiting for the winner and the next theme.Thanks

  7. Thanks Sweatha and good luck :)

  8. What a list of great entries. I'm tempted to try every single one. Have I ever mentioned that I love potatoes?! Thanks for organising this month's challenge, Holler.

  9. I seemed to have picked a good topic Sylvie and I am drooling over the recipes too :)

  10. You must love potatoes as much as we do. Great dishes here!

  11. How nice to be included among some very fine company! Can't wait to try out some of these recipes.

  12. I am there already! I did love your Potato and Green Bean Salad Chrystal and Amir :)

  13. Your recipe for soup stood out strongly Val. I really llked it :)

  14. Wow, what a collection of amazing potatoes. I'm sad I can only vote for one, how can I choose between potato salads (my favourite kind of salad) and such hearty soups?!

  15. This roundup has convinced me I should be eating potatoes everyday!

  16. Hi Rachel, it is always a hard choice, but especially if it is an ingredient you really love!

    Hi Andrea Heck yeah! Me too :)

  17. I think I do eat potatoes every day,except maybe on holiday...

  18. nice blog and great roundup! I must visit again!

  19. This is the line-up for you then Rachel :) I did like your soup! The coconut was a great idea!

    Hi Dharm, thanks for visiting! I think I have met you before over at Jenn's forum. *wave*

  20. You've done a fine job as usual this month Holler. Certainly lots of delicious entries to choose from.

  21. Tough to make a choice - anything with spud in it gets my vote! All look absolutely gorgeous :-)

  22. Thanks Lisa :)

    Tatty love, Jen :)

  23. Yum so many delicious looking salads! I keep on missing no croutons required.

  24. Oh, wonderful! SO many great dishes here. I can't decide where to start! Lentils... greens... potatoes... I see something for everyone here.

  25. Fantastic round-up Holler. I'd love to join next time. Could you lead me in the right direction and let me know the details etc, thanks!


  26. Holler, I've just found the link with all the info for your No Croutons event!



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