01 February 2010

No Croutons Required - The Copycat Round

It's a new month and a new challenge here at No Croutons Required.

I have named this round the Copycat Round, because I would like you to look at restaurant menus, find a soup or salad that is suitable for vegetarians and makes you think "Mmmmmmm!" and then come up with your own recipe for it.

You may recreate a dish you have tried in a restaurant that has left a lasting impression, go online and check out the menus at your favourite restaurants or if you are enjoying a meal out, then pay close attention to the choices available. If you have a memory like a sieve, as I do, then scribble down the details of your soup or salad, while you are reading the menu and pop it in your bag, before you start chatting, enjoying the wine and forgetting all about No Croutons Required!

To enter, list the name of the restaurant, location and a url (if they have a website), along with a sentence or two talking about the restaurant or your choice of dish, then add your photo, a link to your post and your own location and email it all to me at nocroutonsrequired@googlemail.com by end of day on the 20th of February 2010.

This should be such fun, I just cannot wait to see wait everyone comes up with.

Let the games begin!

I would also like to take the opportunity to wish a big congratulations to Mangocheeks over at Allotment to Kitchen for winning the first challenge of 2010 with her yummy Thai Butternut Squash Soup with Tofu Croutons.

I hope this goes someway to giving you some joy after such a terrible week, Mangocheeks :)


  1. nice article and looking good keep it up

  2. Well, I've already got a great salad in mind--if only I get it together in time! Great theme. :)

  3. Lucky me! My dinner last night was EXACTLY that. I will post and submit soon! :)

  4. Sounds really fan dear, x gloria

  5. I am honoured, delighted and humbled to be voted overall winner of January's 2010 No Croutons Required blog event.

    Thank you so much to you Jacqueline for your kind words and to Lisa and to each and everyone who voted for my Thai Butternut Squash soup with tofu croutons. Thank you.

  6. On a slight tangent, you've just reminded me of one of my favourite restaurants: Real Food Daily in LA. It's an absolutely stunning vegan restaurant, bakery and deli. If you ever happen to be in LA you *must* go. (And it's apparently Toby Maguire's favourite place to eat, too!)

  7. great idea - will try and think of something - I did think that I had recently wanted to copy some cafe food but then realised it was chocolate cherry slice - probably a bit outside the criteria - should check some of my restaurant posts and see what I want to copy

    and congrats to mango cheeks for a beautiful and inspirational soup - I finally was inspired to make a thai soup this week but too late for NCR - not too late for Sylvia to enjoy a little bit (is she crazy eating spicy food at her age?)

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  11. thats a very interesting theme for the event. I have a question, If I post all the variations (vegetarian, eggitarian and meat) of a same dish in a single post, would you consider the entry. I want to know because you have mentined to post something vegetarian. thanks in advance.


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