12 March 2010

Easter Competition - Hotel Chocolat (UK only)

When Hotel Chocolat got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try some of their chocolate, it didn't take me long to consider.

....and it gets even better! Hotel Chocolat have offered me one of their Extra Thick Easter Eggs as a prize for one lucky winner. The only stipulation on this occasion, is the winner must be resident in the UK.

I was lucky enough to try their Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Easter Egg and boy was it a treat. This is what an Easter egg should be!

Beautiful packaging starts the anticipation flowing, layer after layer until you reach your foil wrapped egg. None of this puny-amount-of-sweeties-in-a-nasty-plastic-dish nonsense, no, this is the real deal. The chocolates lay fondled inside the egg and what an egg it is. Thick, thick, thick, delicious chocolate. One half of the egg is 40% milk chocolate studded with chocolate chunks, puffed rice and cookie pieces and the other half of the egg is milk chocolate coated with the most gorgeous caramel chocolate. This was my favourite half. The caramel chocolate was amazing! Thick and smooth, but not too sweet. Inside the egg there are a selection of hand finished chocolates. Mmmmmmm!

There are four ways to enter:

1. Leave me a comment telling me about your favorite type of chocolate (i.e. style of chocolate, such as milk, dark, white, brimming with nuts or dried fruits).
2. Follow Tinned Tomatoes on Twitter (leave another comment telling me this with a link).
3. Follow Hotel Chocolat on Twitter (leave another comment telling me this with a link).
4. Reblog / Retweet this giveaway (leave another comment telling me this with a link).

Yes, that means each of you may enter the competition 4 times and have a greater chance of winning.

Remember only UK residents may enter this time.

You may enter up until close of day on Sunday 28 March 2010 and the winner will be announced on Easter Sunday, which falls on Sunday 4 April this year.

Good Luck everyone!


  1. ooh chocolate eggs! yum!

    I adore dark chocolate, with all of its complexities of flavour and texture.

  2. I love Swiss milk chocolate, smooth and comforting

  3. Even though I'm not in the UK, I still enjoyed gazing at the beautiful photos! :-)

  4. I have looked over their site and this is the egg I would have chosen Jacqueline.

  5. Oh what a giveaway!

    I love the idea of a Rocky Road egg - I love chocolate, nuts and caramel combination - delicious!

    Thanks Lucie x

  6. (I'm not in the running for your contest, since I need chocolate like I need a hole in my head, but...)

    I went online and LOOKED at these. They're HUGE. The Serious Dark looks amazing - and you said that even the light one you had wasn't too sweet. Mmm. I love the little "toys" in there; it's like a grown-up Kinderegg. Much nicer than the Cadbury, certainly.

  7. What a lucky duck you are!!!!! I love Hotel Chocolat! Recently tried out their chili chocolate - delish!!!! But my favourite chocolate is milk chocolate with raisins and almonds and cereals through it, or just plain delicious dark chocolate.

    Going to have to go to the kitchen and dig some out now!

    Also can't believe I'm not following you on twitter already! The link you have here leads to the blog, what's your twitter name? And what's hotel chocolat's twitter name?

  8. Just posted bout this on twitter http://twitter.com/ruthEbabes/status/10385876083

  9. I love to hear the snap when you break good dark chocolate!
    Hotel Chocolat are very innovative with their products.

  10. I love the combination of chocolate and caramel yum yum!
    also chocolate and biscuit in a tiffin style bar are fab too!

    never tried the hotel chocolat range but would love to try them!

  11. Lucky you - feeling very envious! My favourite chocolate is a dark milk which is not too sweet. Having said that like the idea of the caramel chocolate is very tempting.

  12. There's a Hotel Chocolat factory ten minutes down the road from where I live. After seeing that picture, I'm thinking a chocolate heist might be on the cards. ;)

    I love chocolate in whatever form it comes, but dark chocolate has to be the best. Dark chocolate with a good cup of coffee. Mmm.

  13. Wow, that egg looks amazing!

    I love dark chocolate, the darker the better! I love slightly savoury flavours in chocolate as well, such as chilli or salted caramel.

    Now I want a massive bar of chocolate...

  14. My favourite chocolate is dark, very dark... A good dark chocolate is like a fine red wine - the taste just keeps coming.

  15. you lucky girl to have such nice presents !! cheers from pierre the french foodie

  16. You certainly are a lucky woman.

    I got to try a large bar of Hotel Chocolat once when I went to a meeting at a very post hotel in South Wales. Let me tell you it melted in the mouth effortlessly. So I am very, very envious.

    I like milk chocolate, but I like it to have some texture, so it must have dried fruits and nuts.

  17. extra thick, no kidding - does it come with a mallet?
    I'm a mint choc gal ;o)

  18. mmm love how thick that egg is - now that is what I call a proper easter egg!

    I can't enter your comp but I can give you an award - http://gggiraffe.blogspot.com/2010/03/awards-happiness-quicklinks-and.html - feel free to join in or enjoy from afar if wee cooper is not giving you enough time to rest!

  19. Wow, that egg looks absolutely delicious!

    If I'm being fussy, my favourite type is Swiss milk chocolate. Mmmm!

  20. Boo hoo! I can't join in! But I can tell you I LOVED their website.

    Oh well, I can console myself by thinking one thing I don't need is more chocolate. Right?

  21. Have just tweeted about this post, but still can't find you on twitter.

  22. Now following Hotel Chocolat on Twitter - you can see I'm desperate!

    Think I forgot to leave my Twitter link on the last comment - http://twitter.com/Choclette8

  23. I'm out of the running but what a great competition! :D

  24. I'm not a UK resident so don't enter me in the contest, but just had to leave a note to say how delicious that chocolate looks! Why did my easter basket never look like that!

  25. If someone offered to send me free chocolate. I would possibly die of happiness. This is making me wish I lived in teh UK! These look amazing. White chocolate with peanut butter is my favorite. Really anything with peanut butter.

  26. I wouldn't have said no to Easter eggs either!
    My fav chocolate is milk, but you can do more with the dark.

  27. That egg looks awesome! My fav chocolate is green and blacks maya gold and pretty much anything cadburys.

  28. add my other entry please (twitter h.c.). Couldn't find tinned tomatoes on twitter - where u hiding?

  29. Oh all things Hotel Chocolat are gorgeous, but I'm quite partial to anything with caramel and nuts. Yum!


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