05 December 2010

Hotel Chocolat Winner

My wee independent adjudicator has been put to work again to decide who would be the lucky winner of the scrumptious Hotel Chocolat Christmas Tree. He has definitely got the hang of this now. He dived straight in and pulled out our winner. I quickly took a photo, because he is a generous baby and would have quite happily proceeded to pull out all the names and bankrupt me.

Congratulations to Verity. Your tree will be sent out just as soon as I get your address.


  1. He can be trained! What a long way our adjudicator has come, from eating the names, to actually holding them up!


    (Oh, and cheers to Verity. What a great name.)

  2. He is a dab hand at colouring in now too Tanita and has an opinion about everything.

  3. Cute baby nad congrats to the winner.

  4. The adorable adjudicator obviously takes his job very seriously. Congrats to the lucky contest winner.

  5. How cute is wee Connor ... and he is getting so grown up now too. Crangrats to the lucky winner ;0)

  6. I like to think he's cute Simply Food, but then I am biased :)

    Well, he is getting better at it Andrea, but he has a short attention span :)

    It's Cooper Chele, it's funny whenever anybody get's his name wrong, they always plump for Connor :)

  7. I love the photo of him holding up the name - what a cooperative little man he is - and gorgeous too

  8. I think he is looking more and more confident in his role as Adjudicator :)

  9. Your independent adjudicator is the best :)


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