07 January 2011

Learning to Bake

As you will see as you carry on down the page, I had a wee helper in the kitchen today.

Cooper loves watching me cook and bake. I always bring ingredients over to him and let him touch and smell. His favourite thing is to stir.

If I am making a sauce, I will bring him over to the cooker, holding him at a safe distance of course and let him have a go at stirring. He loves it.

I can tell he is taking it all. We bought him a little pan set for his Christmas and as soon as we gave him a spoon he started stirring and tasting. I have a wee chef in the making.

Tomorrow we are having a party for Cooper's first birthday, so as you can imagine I have spent the day cooking and baking. I brought Cooper into the kitchen in his high chair, so he could watch me bake. He was eager to join in, so I let him help me fold the chocolate batter into the whipped egg whites. He was a very happy wee chap.

You can see the chocolate cake we made here. Tomorrow morning I will fill it with cream and top it with blackberries and blueberries.


  1. Oh, dear - now I shall have to unwrap the Christmas paper from his gift, and put on birthday paper. ;)

    Lucky wean - his first dish will probably be something fabulous like Pâte à choux. He'll make us all look bad.

  2. This just makes me smile so much.

    Thank you so much for sharing Jacqueline.

  3. I know Tanita, we still have your pressie from our holiday in September and Christmas pressie. Hopefiully we will get through sometime.

    I am glad I posted it then Mangocheeks :)

  4. Oh he is so cute..Happy birthday to Cooper .

  5. Aw you can see he is so interested. Great to start them young. Hope he has a great birthday!

  6. How completely adorable Jacqueline. Cooper is a chef/baker in the making.

  7. Such a serious but contented look your little baker has. Give him an extra birthday kiss from me! It's hard to believe a year has gone by since he was born.

  8. A big happy birthday to wee cooper - hard to believe a year has gone by since he was born - no surprise he loves being in the kitchen as I am sure he loves being with his mum - sounds like he is getting a wonderful birthday cake - hope we get a peek at it

  9. Happy Birthday Cooper - a new little Heaton in the making!!

  10. Awww, that's just adorable... its wonderful when kids are so interested in cooking and baking and checking out everything in the kitchen. And I just want to nibble on Cooper's chubby cheeks... cho chweet!!!

    My wee one loves to make pancakes with her daddy on Saturday morning, and pretty much 'helps' me whenever I am in the kitchen. I am going to miss these days when she grown older... sigh!!...! It was so cute seeing her 'baking' cookies with her grandpa this Christmas.

  11. Such a cute wee helper! Happy Birthday to Copper, hope the party goes well ;0)

  12. How lovely to share your love of cooking and baking with Cooper! I can't wait until my grandchildren are old enough to join me in the kitchen (and the garden).

  13. aaww bless him, what a cutie! He looks so intent on doing a good job :)

  14. He's never a year old already, is he? Happy Birthday Cooper!!!!! It's great when they want to help you in the kitchen - at least there's a few children bucking the microwave/fast food culture that seems so endemic these days.

  15. Yes, a little chef in the making! I love it! Adorable :-)

  16. You thinking about retiring soon? Or is he not ready to take over completely yet? Like the sound of blueberries, blackberries and chocolate.

  17. what a sweetie. And well done for making an essential lifeskill a game for him!

  18. Thanks Simply Food :)

    He is definitely keen Louise, can't keep him out of the kitchen!

    I am hoping he is Val :)

    I know Andrea, I don't know wher the year has gone. It's crazy!

    Hey Johanna, I made a chocolate cake topped with fruit swirled cream and berries for his party, but his birthday cake was an iced cake with his photo on the fondant.

    Thanks Claire, I will pass on your birthday wishes :)

    Thanks Brownieville Girl :)

    It sounds like you have a wee baker in the making too Michelle :)

    The party was great Chele, although it passed in a flash. We started with a rhyme time, then we had 3 rounds of pass the parcel and then we ate, before bringing Cooper's birthday cake out. You should have seen his face. He was so excited. Soon afterwards it was all too much for him and he fell asleep cuddles into my mum. As usual, I made too much food and had to give everyone food home. Luckily I was prepared and brought tubs.

    It is fun introducing them into the kitchen Susan and their curiosity about it starts so young :)

    He was concentrating like mad Emma :)

    The year has gone, so, so quickly Lynn, I just can't believe it!

    Thanks Sanjeeta :)

    I hope I am bringing up a chef in the making Sarah, that is the plan anyway!

    The berries were lovely on the cake TB. I whizzed up some raspberries with a little icing sugar and swirled some of that through the cream then topped it with the blueberries and blackberries. Mmmmmm :P

    Thanks Helen :)

  19. Awwwww, happy birthday to Cooper! Glad to see he has started baking early!

  20. Start them young! SO cute that as soon as he got his own little saucepan he mimicked what he's seen you do!

    Happy birthday to Cooper

  21. Aw....gorgeous pictures. A chef in the making.

    Sue xx

  22. The younger the better. Messy, but so much fun and helping Mommy is a good thing.

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  25. Aww hope Cooper had a lovely 1st Birthday :) He is so precious in his wee Santa Suit stirring into his wee pot :') just adorable!

  26. He's such a little sweetie Jac! Glad the party went well, I'm not surprised it tired him out!

  27. Happy Birthday to Cooper - hope all went well and he enjoyed his chocolate cake. So pleased to hear he's helping you out in the kitchen - he'll be having supper waiting for you on the table in no time ;-)

  28. Yeah, I was impressed when he started to stir CC, I do so hope the interest lasts.

    Thanks Sue :)

    I agree with you Barbara :)

    Thanks Catherine :)

    Thanks C, it did totally tire him out, but her had great fun :)

    That would be nice Choclette, although I may have a few years to wait yet :)


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