28 September 2011

Black & White Wednesday

Today we visited the weekly market in Girne. It was awash with sounds, colours and smells. I was agog as I walked around, agog at the variety and quality of the produce on offer. Wow! How I wish we had a market of this standard in Scotland. One near to me please. It would be fabulous and definitely change the way we shop.

One of the highlights for me was being given a sundried fig wrapped around a walnut. Oh my it was good. Sundried figs, purchased, boxed and ready to fly home with us, tick.

This is my first entry for Susan's rather wonderful weekly event - Black & White Wednesday

If you would like to participate in Black & White Wednesday, post a culinary inspired black and white photo and email it to Susan. You can find the details Here

For all your other foodie challenge, competition and giveaway needs, remember to visit The Food Blog Diary.


  1. Ooh. Don't think I've ever had sundried figs; we always got ours in those big cakes. Sounds just lovely; hope your flight was largely uneventful! ♥

  2. I'm going to have to do this black and white Wednesday!

  3. I think agog is my new favorite word.

  4. lovely photo - I confess that we have some lovely markets around us but I still find it harder to get to them than the supermarket which is 5 minutes walk away. But I try and get to markets as much as I can

  5. Thay are lovely Tanita and the flight was uneventful. There was a wonderful choir singing as they were going through passport control, Cooper was very impressed.

    It is the perfect event for you to take part in Pam :)

    He he, I shall expect you to interject it into conversations today TB :)

    Well at least you have the option Johanna.The markets we have are rare and full of meat rather than fruit and vegetables. *sigh*

  6. GREAT post, GREAT photo and GREAT idea for what to do with my figs! Need sunshine though!

  7. Thanks Karen. After buying the sundried figs I started craving a fresh fig, feta and walnut salad. Mmmmmm :P

  8. Holidays? South of Turkey would be my guess (?)
    Yes, markets of the Med put ours to shame! Looks lovely. Enjoy! We're actually coming up to your neck of the woods whilst your away; this weekend Theresa got given a weekend for two at Glen Eagles!

  9. Awwwww, so close yet so far Adam.You will have a lovely time and they always have a good chef. Oh and we are in the North of Cyprus, which is Turkish :)

  10. But I want to see all the wonderful colours!!!!

    Love the sun of walnut sun-dried figs. Hope you're having a fab time.

  11. We are having a great time Choclette, it is a very relaxing holiday. I will be posting some photos in colour soon :)

  12. I think I prefer foodie photos in colour; the image is part of the appetiser.

    Hope you have a fab holiday!

  13. Hey Susan, I know what you mean, but photos have a certain something in Black and White.

  14. Fab shot, Jac. Really feels like a day-in-the-life. Thanks so much for joining in BWW!

    (P.S. - I've adjusted the links, so all should be well in the gallery.)


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