30 September 2011

Girne Market in Colour

I hope you enjoyed exploring the market with me.

Just a wee reminder:

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  1. WONDERFUL photos, ~sigh~ and I LOVE Cooper's t shirt too!
    LOVED the video ~ all very familiar to me and OMG ~ look at the olives and spices!

  2. I am just making you sad with all this talk of Girne, aren't I
    Karen ?

    It's a fab market Karen, but the heat, oh my goodness!

  3. Oh, it's all so vibrant! Wish I was there...

  4. I love trawling food markets and gettin up close to the produce.
    Take care...

  5. Did they have any CHEESE? ha ha ha! Looks wonderful, wish I was there, it's going to start raining tonight and the forecast is for rain all weekend :-(
    Enjoy the rest of your hols.

  6. Thanks Gerry :)

    You and your cheese Janice, hehe :D

    As long as the weather gets better again for us returning home. There is nothing worse than getting off the plane in Glasgow to rain.

  7. Looks fabulous, all of the different vibrant colours! I hope you're having a wonderful time :-)

  8. That's one beautiful market, Jacqueline! But I must say, I like the T-shirt on your little son best! He is adorable. And that hat! Too cute.

  9. I loved this market when my father in law took us there in 2009. The one photo I have of it, is of watermelons!

    I agree, would be great to have something like this in Scotland, I actually think its a shame there isn't anything like this in Scotland, esp in the cities.

  10. Cooper's hat and shirt combo are awesome. Love all the colors from the market. Black and white is good one needs color to truly appreciate the market.

  11. I know Shaheen, there are plenty of producers out there, just not this kind of market. There is a market in Perth once a month that has fruit and veg, but you are talking about two stalls with limited produce. Still at least it is something.

    You are right TB, the colours in the market really pop. Wish I could bring it home with me :)

  12. I loved your black and white photo but am really pleased to see all those colours - just glorious and cheering

  13. Everyone has said the same Johanna :)

  14. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

  15. That's ok David :)

    Thank you Susan :)


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