01 October 2011

No Croutons Required - October 2011

Hey folks, it is now October, so Autumn has reached bonnie Scotland (even though I am cheating by enjoying some hot weather in Cyprus), so I though that squashes would make a good ingredient for soups or salads. Hope you get your thinking caps (or witches hats, it is October after all) on and come up with something delicious. Remember your soup or salad has to be suitable for vegetarians, but apart from that, well just go crazy.

A wee reminder of what to do. Post your soup or salad and email me by the 20th of October 2011 to nocroutonsrequired@googlemail.com :

* your name
* your location
* name of your blog
* blog url
* name or your dish
* post url
* a photo of your dish

I can't wait to see what you all come up with and try a few of them.

Now back to my relaxing holiday and a wee glass of Baileys.


  1. I'm on a real butternut squash kick at the moment, so that may feature. Putting on my witches hat as I type!

  2. You are a multi-tasker Janice,blogging, putting on witches hat, watching Merlin, chatting on twitter and drinking wine. Bloomin' heck!

  3. Ah you are cheating, I really thought you were back in rainy Scotland. Can you imagine my shock - I was in Sunny Wales this morning only to step out of the plane into a wet and rainy Glasgow - Shock - not - its a reality here.

    Liking the theme for the month, very appropriate of course - autumn and Halloween!

  4. I thought it was appropriate Shaheen. Oh no, really? The good weather in Scotland has gone already. I thought it was an Indian summer and would last until I got home :(

  5. Squash - that means pumpkin too doesn't it! Because I just love pumpkin at any time of year!

  6. I LOVE squash so I am SO on this this time! Just soup or salads is that right? Lovely ingredient for Autumn Jac!

  7. Yes, pumpkin too Johanna :)

    Yes, just soups or salads Karen, but you can stretch soups to more of a stew.

  8. Yay for squash!! My hardest feat will be deciding which ONE recipe to share with NCR. :)

    Btw, thanks everyone for your votes last month. Glad you loved the soup as much as I did. :)

  9. Yeah, at this time of the year I think It had to be squash! I was close with Turkey, eh? Just got online at Gleneagles. Actually, we've been exploring Edinburgh a bit. Lots of new places to try, but good to see old favorites I remember from previous trips like Hendersons still going strong!

  10. That is great Janet, I obviously made the right decision :)

    Yeh, Hendersons is Good Adam, but unfortunately Susie's Wholefood Diner shut down, which was one of the best. How long are you there for?

  11. I made my entry today, as soon as it posts on scheduler tomorrow, I will email all my details!

  12. First time here,& I sent an entry too :)


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