Purple Stag Cocktail Recipe

Purple Stag Cocktail Recipe

This is the second in my series of drinks posts. I realised I share very few drink recipes or recommendations apart from smoothies, so this week I am sharing some tasty summer drinks. 

In my last post I shared 7 refreshing soft and non-alcoholic drinks for summer. They are great if you are pregnant, it's your turn to drive or you are just trying to cut down on how many units you are drinking each week.

I this post I say to hell with that and share some alcohol. Well do have to cover both sides don't I?

Purple Stag Cocktail Recipe

The Purple Stag is a summer cocktail made with fresh blackberries, blackcurrant jam, yes jam and Jägermeister. It's a gorgeous colour isn't it and I think we can count it as one of our five-a-day, can't we?

Blackberry Facts

  1. Blackberries are also called brambles, brambleberries and dewberries.
  2. Batology is the study of blackberries, not bats.
  3. Blackberries are high in anti-oxidants.
  4. Unripe blackberries are red and not green.
  5. These berries are very low in calories. Only 43 calories in 100g of blackberries.

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Purple Stag Cocktail Recipe
Purple Stag Cocktail Recipe

A fruity cocktail made with fresh blackberries, blackcurrant jam and Jägermeister. Drink up! Slurp!
  • 50ml Jägermeister
  • 25ml Chambord
  • 25ml berry tea
  • 1 tsp blackcurrant jam
  • 25ml lemon juice
  • 6 tbsp dairy-free pesto (or your favourite pesto)
  • 3 fresh blackberries to decorate
  • a tray of ice cubes
1. Fill your cocktail shaker with ice.2. Add the other ingredients, bar the fresh blackberries, close and shake, shake shake. 3. Strain into a cocktail glass filled with ice.4. Enjoy!.5. Don't drink too many!
Total time:
Yield: Makes 1 cocktail


So today I'm sharing this fruity cocktail made with Jägermeister, but I'd also like to share some more fruity and botanical summer drinks with you.

Fruity and Botanical Drinks for Summer

Fruity and Botanical Drinks for Summer

1. Whitley Neil Blood Orange Vodka 

Blood oranges give a burst of citrus to a clean sharp vodka. Best served over ice with a slice of orange or over ice with tonic.

Whitley Neil Blood Orange Vodka 70cl £26 (on sale from £30 with free delivery) Amazon

2. Ciroc Mango Flavoured Vodka

Mango flavoured vodka. Mmmmmmm! This one is also good served over ice or with tonic, but it also makes a great base for cocktails.

Ciroc Mango Flavoured Vodka 70cl - £26.99 (on sale from £40 with free delivery) Amazon

3. Conker Dorset Dry Gin

This delicious gin is made with 10 botanicals. Three of the botanicals are hand-sourced in Dorset (elderberries, gorse flowers and samphire). It is distilled in Bournemouth and this award-winning gin can be served with tonic or poured over ice. No need  to add lime as it already contains a touch of lime.

Conker Dorset Dry Gin 70cl  £35.95 and available to buy at Fortnum & Mason and via conkerspirit.co.uk

4. Jägermeister

You may have heard of Jägermeister shots but do you know what the flavours of this spirit are? First there is fresh ginger, then cinnamon sticks, star anise, cardamom and orange peel. Yes this is one delicious drink. Serve it over ice, with tonic and ice or as the base for a cocktail.

Jägermeister 70cl from the Jägermeister website or your local supermarket. Best price at time of this post £15 from Tesco

Disclosure: I was sent some drinks samples to try, I was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.

7 Refreshing Soft and Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

7 Refreshing Soft and Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

I share lots of recipes with you, but they're mostly recipes for meals. While summer lasts I thought it would be good to share a series of posts on summer drinks.

Now I've probably mentioned I like a glass of wine with dinner, but I also love refreshing summer drinks. I mean who doesn't love a glass or two of Pimms?

But what if you are the designated driver at a summer BBQ or party, pregnant or just trying to cut back on alcoholic drinks? Often all you can expect is to be offered some fizzy juice or a glass of water.

We can do better than that! I have seven refreshing and delicious summer drinks that you can enjoy and not feel like you are missing out.


Meat Free Mondays - Summer 2017

Happy Monday!

How are you? How has your week been?

Our week has been full of fun for my wee boy and the last week of the summer holidays too.

He's been out on his scooter, playing in the park, eye bombing, playing board games, walking on the beach and today he went to a animal handling session. He's had a haircut in a hipster barbers and now he's tucked up snug in bed ready for an early start tomorrow for his first day of school.

Now we've caught up it's time for the recipes.

You may eat vegetarian every day or just once a week, whichever way you eat, enjoy this week's recipes and tune in next Monday for a new batch of recipes.


Smashed Potato Salad with Pesto Dressing

Smashed Potato Salad with Dairy-Free Pesto Dressing

I eat a lot more salads in the summer, even when the weather is bleugh. 

Sometimes we have a salad like this smashed potato salad or a pasta salad for dinner (like we did last night), for lunch it might be a couscous salad and at other meals you will often find salad on the side. 

In fact I think we eat more salad vegetables than any other type at this time of year. Salads are so quick and easy and a lot less cooking too.


Meat Free Mondays August 2017

Happy Monday!

How are you? How has your week been?

I've had a super busy week, yes I know, what's new?  Not much to share though.

I usually start the post with a photo of food, but I thought I'd share a photo of my kitchen instead to show you just how small it is. See the sink there. The draining board takes you right to the kitchen door, that leads into my conservatory which we use as a dining room, overlooking the garden.

Yes, it's that small. Now imagine it a bit more packed with gadgets.  I don't that microwave any more. My bread maker is now in place of the microwave and beside that is my toaster, kettle and blender, with a waffle maker squashed behind them. On the middle unit I now have a few big jars of spices and lentils. It's pretty packed. 

Oh yes and my cooker top is covered with my cast iron pots, that I leave on top instead of lugging them in and out of the cupboard. Yes this is a false representation of how my kitchen actually looks, but it gives you an idea of how small it is.

Is your kitchen teeny like mine or huge? Go on, make me jealous!

Anyway less of my kitchen and onto the recipes. There weren't as many recipes this week. I guess people are on holiday and enjoying the good weather instead of cooking and blogging, so I'm going to share a few recipes from my archives too. I hope you enjoy them.


Roast Vegetable and Hummus Pizza (vegan and dairy-free)

I had you at pizza didn't I?

If you're anything like us you love pizza. Our standard choice is a Margherita pizza with added veggies, but today we decided to try something different and went for a blond pizza with roast vegetables and hummus.

The truth is we've had pizza twice this week. Cooper wanted to make pizza from scratch so he and I both worked on a dough and we ended up with too much pizza for one night.

The first night we had it our favourite way. Our homemade thin pizza base, topped with my whizz bang pizza (blender) sauce, then mozzarella (vegan for Graham) and lots of veg. Cooper had sweetcorn on his, he likes to keep it simple.

The second night I spread the pizza base with a thick layer of hummus, topped it with lots of freshly roasted vegetables, a sprinkle of oregano, paprika and black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. It was actually really good!

A homemade white pizza with hummus in instead of tomato sauce, roast vegetables, herbs and spices. Suitable for a vegetarian, vegan or dairy-free diet.


Best Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce

Best Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce. A simple but fresh sauce. Full of flavour but low in calories. It's a real family favourite and suitable for a vegetarian, vegan or dairy free diet.

Best ever?
The best tomato and basil pasta sauce is simple but fresh sauce made with tinned chopped tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil. Full of flavour but low in calories. It's a real family favourite and suitable for a vegetarian, vegan or dairy free diet. tinnedtomatoes.com

Yep! I would say so. I started making fresh tomato and basil sauce for pasta when I was a student. It was an easy sauce I could make to feed myself and my friends, even when my boyfriend (husband now) would invite bands to stay in our student flat and I would end up feeding a dozen hungry lads.

Over the years the sauce has been tweaked to what I like to think is the best version of it. Back in my student days I would never have added red wine to a sauce as it was too much of an extravagance and I had to watch my pennies, but it does make a big difference to the favour. Originally I would have used dried basil, but of course adding fresh basil gives such of pop of flavour to the sauce and I seem to remember adding tomato ketchup to the sauce if I didn't have any tomato puree but I'd never do that now.


Meat Free Mondays - 7 Spectacular Veggie Recipes

Happy Monday! How are you?

I've had a good week. I was at work Monday and Tuesday then I had the rest of the week off with Cooper. It was great to spend some proper time with him. We spent time in our favourite book shop, went out for lunch, visited a museum, played board games, made pizza from scratch and did some eye bombing. It was great fun and over way too quickly. I'm back at work today and feeling quite sad about that. Why do holidays whizz by so quickly?

I'm back into the daily routine now and that means less time to think about cooking and lots of rushed meals in the evenings so planning is a must and that brings me nicely to this week's Meat Free Mondays and another fabulous collection of recipes for you to try. 

I hope you'll join me with some veggie meals this week.


Cheesy Cauliflower and Potato Bake with Spinach (Veggie & Vegan Recipes)

A comforting cauliflower cheese bake with a difference. Cauliflower and waxy baby potatoes in a cheese and spinach sauce topped with mozzarella and baked until golden. Veggie and vegan recipe.

Did I have you at potatoes or was it the cheese?

Think cauliflower cheese with baby potatoes but in a creamy cheese and spinach sauce topped with golden melted mozzarella. Vegan? Don't worry I made a dairy and vegan version of this dish for you.

There really is nothing like a cheesy bake on a dreich, wet day.


Meat Free Mondays - 7 Vegetarian Recipes to Inspire (24 July 2017)

Happy Monday! How are you?

It's been pretty quiet here, well when I say pretty quiet we have been busy with work and our busy home life like usual. My blog has been quiet, but I do have a couple of rather good recipes to share with you this week. Before I do, I have some more delicious vegetarian recipes to share with you. I hope they encourage you to go meat free for some of the week or even just inspire you to try something new.



Happy Monday!

How are you? You may have noticed I took a wee break. We were up in the Scottish Highlands for a week staying in a gorgeous converted granary in Ballindalloch. It was just what we needed. Lots of walks up hills and by lochs, not to forget the beaches and castles. So relaxing, although I did cook nearly every night, but for a change I had a huge open-plan kitchen to cook in, so that was a joy after my poky wee kitchen.

It's Monday again and I've been back at work today. I'm home after a trip to the pub for dinner with friends after work and it's time to share some recipes with you to inspire you for the week ahead.


Old-Fashioned Strawberry and Vanilla Fairy Cakes with Sprinkles

It's strawberry season and today I'm bringing you these old-fashioned strawberry and vanilla fairy cakes with sprinkles. 

This is an old recipe that my mum would make for me as a child. She has no idea where it came from. It's scribbled in her trusty cookbook that's filled with lots of magazine and newspaper cuttings as well as handwritten recipes from family and friends. I had to convert it from pounds and ounces.

What are fairy cakes, basically cupcakes before they got posh. A simple old-fashioned recipe our mothers and grandmothers made. These are topped with a generous amount of strawberry jam, whipped cream, sprinkles and a strawberry. www.tinnedtomatoes.com

What are fairy cakes?

Fairy cakes are an old-fashioned bake. They are basically what a cupcake was before it got fancy. The type of simple little cake our mothers and grandmothers made us topped with a little white icing and little else. If we were lucky they would let us help bake and decorate them and if they were feeling extravagant the would make them into butterfly cakes. 

Butterfly cakes

Butterfly cakes are fairy cakes with the top sliced off. Then they are topped with whipped cream and the remaining slice is cut in half and stuck in the cream to look like wings.

There was none of this nonsense with rainbow frosting, 101 fillings and sprinkles in a variety of colours and shapes. Hundreds and thousands were as close as we got to fancy back then.


5:2 Diet - Grilled Vegetable Couscous Salad

I often make couscous salad for lunch. Well to be exact I make it the night before and pop it in the fridge. I love that I don't have to use any pots. I just pour my couscous into a measuring jug and cover it with boiling water, then let it do it's think while I finely chop some carrot, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Then I fluff the rice up with a fork and mix it with the chopped salad.

Adding flavour to couscous

For extra flavour I crumble half a vegetable stock cube into the measuring jug with the couscous before adding the boiling water, then I give it all a good stir.

Do you flavour your couscous or leave it plain?


Savoury Cheese Log with Parsley & Pistachios (veggie & vegan)

Cheese Log - A retro canape from the 1970s. The cheese log could regularly be seen on buffet tables alongside sausage rolls, devilled eggs and vol au vents. It's easy to make but needs to chill in the fridge overnight before it's coated in herbs and nuts. This recipe can be veggie, vegan or dairy-free. Serve with oatcakes or crusty bread.

Do you remember these cheese logs from the 70s or perhaps you remember them as a cheese ball? If you're too young to remember them, read on.
A retro canape from the 1970s. The cheese log could regularly be seen on buffet tables alongside sausage rolls, devilled eggs and vol au vents. It's easy to make but needs to chill in the fridge overnight before it's coated in herbs and nuts. This recipe can be veggie, vegan or dairy-free. Serve with oatcakes or crusty bread.

1970s Fashion

The 70s were a time of living rooms full of wood and lots of earthy tones, Think mustard and brown and purple, with heavy fabrics and big swirly patterns. We were wearing the same kind of colours too, but adding in lots of denim. We wore maxi dresses, mini skirts and mini dresses, flared jeans, cords, polo neck jumpers and shirts with big collars. Yes it was rather crazy.


Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (3 July 2017)

Happy Monday everyone! How are you?

Now I'm saying Happy Monday, but it may be Tuesday by the time I post this. We are as I speak making a mercy dash to Glasgow as some idiot took Elizabeth's (from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary) case from the train in Dundee thinking it was his own and dumped it there. Not only did he dump it there, but took a train back to Glasgow to get his own case not bothering in the least about Elizabeth's which he could have taken with him. Some people are just so selfish and vile.

Luckily I have a rather wonderful husband, who offered to make the hour and a half trip through to Glasgow so Elizabeth's holiday with her family wouldn't be ruined. He is a star! Hopefully the good karma fairy will reward him for his kindness at some point in the future.


But back to the recipes.


Ultimate 4th of July Vegan BBQ Guide

I have a lot of American friends, but I tend to ignore their special holidays like 4th of July and Thanksgiving. My bad! I should really be more inclusive shouldn't I? Especially as I share our traditional Scottish holidays like Bonfire Night, Burns Night and Hogmannay with them.

So this year I'm making an effort and getting into the spirit of Independence Day with my Ultimate 4th of July Vegan BBQ Guide with burgers, salads, dips and desserts. Oh I do love a good BBQ.

The Ultimate 4th of July Vegan BBQ Guide - 45 vegan BBQ recipes including burgers, sauces, fries, pasta salad, potato salad, skewers, kebabs, ice cream and  dessert


Spiced Carrot, Lentil & Spinach Soup (5:2 Diet)

I know, I know, it's summer, in some areas it's scorching and here I am sharing a soup recipe. In my defence it's cooler here in Scotland and I still crave soup during the summer. This spiced carrot, lentil and spinach soup is so so delicious I had to share it.

Do you eat soup during the summer?

I wanted all the flavour of our favourite spinach and coconut dal, so I used the same spices. I was originally planning on adding some coconut milk to this soup too, but when I tasted it I realised how divine it was and didn't want to dilute the flavour by adding anything creamy.

We all loved it, even the wee one. Although I say wee, he's actually getting tall for a wee boy (must be all the soup) and eats like a horse.


New 5:2 Diet Explained

New 5:2 Diet? Yes it's been updated and you're going to love the changes.

The original 5:2 diet was based around a two day fast each week where men consumed 600 calories or less on those two days and women consumed 500 calories or less.

The Science Behind the 5:2 Diet

The new 5:2 Diet. Updated for 2017 with more calories, science, tips and recipes. www.tinnedtomatoes.com #vegetarian #vegan

The 5:2 Diet was created by Dr Michael Mosley, who introduced it to us in a 2012 BBC Documentary Eat, Fast and Live Longer

When Michael was tested in the documentary he discovered his body was a third fat which put him at a higher chance of heart disease or cancer. After he changed his diet and followed the 5:2 diet his chances lowered quite dramatically.


Meat Free Mondays - 19 June 2017

Happy Monday!

How are you my friends? Me, I'm super excited! I'm heading to Milan this week with some of my blogging buddies. My hubby and wee one are staying at home and carrying on with their normal week. I better bring something nice back for them.

Meat Free Monday

I still need to plan and prepare some meals this week though and that's where Meat Free Monday comes in. One day of meat free eating for some and every day for others. Whichever category you fall into, I hope you leave inspired.       UPDATE AT END OF POST!


Scottish Oaty Cranachan with Strawberries

We Scots love our oats and this Scottish Oaty Cranachan is a good example of how fabulous oats can be. I know you probably use them to make the occasional bowl of porridge but do consider them when making dessert too.

What is cranachan?

First of all let me help you pronounce it, here we go, cran-i-kin.

Cranachan is an old Scottish dessert that was originally called cream crowdie and was traditionally served at harvest time. It was made with crowdie cheese, a creamy cheese which was mixed with cream and oats and a little bit of honey to sweeten it. When raspberries were in season they would be added and if a crofter was feeling flush he would add a spot of whisky.


Overnight Sweet Potato Oats - Wake up to Organic

Wake up to Organic

That's today's theme and the reason I'm sharing these overnight oats with you. As a good Scot's lass I usually make porridge out of oats, but it's nice to change things up from time to time and these overnight sweet potato oats are a delicious addition to a breakfast table.

Independent stores across the country served up free breakfasts as part of the Wake up to Organic campaign, but I think we can do more at home and make ourselves some really interesting breakfasts instead of just pouring cornflakes into a bowl.

A simple recipe for sweet potato overnight oats that's high in vitamin c & iron. This recipe is dairy free and vegan.

As well as these overnight sweet potato oats, try some homemade tattie scones with beans, some chocolate chip & raisin scotch pancakes or a chocolate cherry smoothie bowl.


Meat Free Mondays

Happy Monday! How are you?

You may see a few changes to Tinned Tomatoes blog. I've had a blog upgrade and I'm rather pleased with it. Of course I have loads of work to do behind the scenes to get everything upgraded and quite how it should be, but I'm getting there (slowly). There may be a little less posting for a few weeks, but I'll try to post at least a couple of times a week.

As well as the refresh, Tinned Tomatoes has been nominated for a Good Housekeeping Award, if you have a minute, please vote

Now on to the recipes for the week. Meat Free Mondays is all about trying a veggie diet at least one day a week, but I like to give you options for the whole week. I do hope you try some of them.


Red Pepper Sweet Chilli Sauce

Do you ever make your own sauce? Too often we reach for the ready made versions in the supermarket, but it's actually easy to make sauce at home and you can tweak the flavour to suit yourself. My latest batch is a red pepper sweet chilli sauce. 

I've made a sweet chilli sauce before, but this time I decided to add red pepper for a fuller flavour and a pinch of paprika for a smoky edge.

A simple red pepper sweet chilli sauce that has so many uses including a topping for veggie burgers, a drizzle for salad wraps and a marinade for tofu. Sweet, smoky and delicious! It's fat-free, very low in sodium and a good source of Vitamin A & C. Only 28 calories per tablespoon.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Comvita Manuka Apple Cider Vinegar

I also used Comvita Manuka Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar in this sauce which gives it a wonderful sweetness as well as the health benefits of Manuka Honey. The vinegar is a combination of naturally fermented apple cider vinegar and New Zealand UMF 5+ Manuka Honey and bush honey. It is also unpasteurised and can be used as a tonic or salad dressing.

Of course my vegan readers can use standard apple cider vinegar, it will just be a bit less sweet and a bit sharper.


Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (29 May 2017)

*UPDATE* at end of post

Happy Monday everyone. How are you and how was the start of your week?

Last week we were hitting between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius here in Scotland. The sun was splitting the pavements as we like to say, but now we're back to more familiar Scottish weather for May. Yup! It's raining and a little chilly.

I'm sitting in my conservatory typing this up. We just have a wee house so our conservatory which leads out from the kitchen and overlooks the garden is our dining room. 

It's my favourite room in the house at the moment. In the winter it can be a bit chilly unless the door to the main house is open all day with the heating on, so it becomes a bit of a clothes drying area and is less used for dining. 

It's now had a spring clean and we've replaced our dining table (the old one was too big) and hung floral bunting and fairy lights around the windows. It's looking very bonnie indeed. I'm sitting in the glow of the pink fairy lights listening to the pitter patter of the rain, but enough of all that. You'll be expecting some new recipes to tempt you for the week ahead and I aim to please.


Vegan Lentil and Mushroom Burgers

These are proper vegan burger with a rich and earthy taste. Unlike the frozen versions you find in supermarkets, these have no additives or weird ingredients. They can also be shaped into falafel-sized balls and baked in the oven.

I hoped to share this vegan lentil and mushroom burger last week during National Vegetarian Week, but I shared so much and just didn't have the time. It really took over my week.

I do love a homemade veggie burger though, so I had to share it with you.

This lentil and mushroom burger comes from the new cookbook Green Kitchen at Home.

In case you haven't stumbled across it, Green Kitchen Stories is a vegetarian blog from Stockholm, where David and Luise blog share a little about their lives and healthy vegetarian recipes. This isn't their first cookbook. Check out the other titles, Green Kitchen Smoothies; The Green Kitchen;  Green Kitchen Travels and Vegetarian Everyday.


Meat Free Mondays - 22 May 2017

Happy Monday my friends.

I usually give you a wee snapshot into my week on a Monday before I share the Meat Free Mondays recipes with you, but this week I thought I'd show you where I work. Doesn't it look lovely and colourful?

I work in a children's library. I've worked here for 20 years now and I can't tell you how much fun it is spending time with all the kids from babies to teenagers. I have a blast all week helping kids find just the right book, singing songs at Bookbug (rhyme time), telling stories to toddlers and doing crafts and activities with the kids in the holidays. I also have a knitting club for kids each week and a code club, where kids can learning computer coding.

All that and I get to decorate the library and paint murals on the windows. Yes, they pay me for this! I used to work full-time, but I cut my hours when I had Cooper and then again when I got so busy with my blog, but I'm still there a few days a week having fun.

So now I've told you a bit about my week, it's time to share some recipes with you. As usual they are awesome and a big thank you goes out to all the bloggers who contribute each week. I hope you leave inspired and go veggie at least one day this week.


Vegan BBQ 'Shroom Buns

Don't they look good?

These BBQ 'Shroom Buns are from Food Love Stories brought to you by Tesco. You must have seen the billboards, recipes in store or videos in your Facebook stream? I've rather enjoyed them. They're much more appealing than the run-of-the-mill supermarket campaigns and it's great they have recipe cards for their customers to try, which consider different dietary needs.

I have a Tesco in walking distance from my house, which is handy, although we've always bought our groceries there because they've always been a good supermarket for veggies to shop in. I can get everything I need in the one shop. Now I'm cooking vegan meals and they're helping me out with that too. I'm seeing more and more vegan products in-store every week.

Vegan BBQ 'Shroom Buns

There's a huge selection of dairy-free products including vegan milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt and creme fraiche and the freezer aisle is filling up with lots of savoury and sweet products, including a new chocolate ice cream from Alpro, which is blooming delicious!

Then there's all the fresh produce, the free-from section, the superfoods and lots of other vegan products dotted around the store. It's making life much easier for us, they're really supporting the vegan community. A vegan diet really can be quick, affordable and tasty.

Check out my post Best 60 Vegan & Dairy Free Products (UK) to see some of my favourite vegan products from Tesco.


Roast Vegetable, Veggie Sausage & Halloumi Wraps - National Vegetarian Week

Hands up who loves halloumi?

It's rather moreish, isn't it? I love it in a salad, on a toastie, on top of a burger or in a wrap. Today I bring you a wrap that would be fabulous for lunch or add a salad and it would make a substantial dinner. A roast vegetable, veggie sausage and halloumi wrap to be precise.

That smokiness from the roast vegetables, some garlicky green pesto, peppery salad leaves, some cooked veggie sausages and freshly cooked halloumi, all crisp and golden on the outside and chewy in the middle. Yum!


Three-Tin Tomato, Turmeric & Coconut Dahl - National Vegetarian Week

Three-Tin Tomato, Turmeric & Coconut Dahl - National Vegetarian Week

We love dahl in this house, although I usually spell it dal. It can also be spelled daal or dhal and it's really hard to find a definitive answer, but as this isn't my recipe, I shall stick to calling this tomato, turmeric and coconut dahl.

My favourite dal or dahl, is made with spinach and coconut and I love it so much I never try making variations of it, but this one looked so good. I was won over.

This recipe comes from The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen by Emma Hatcher.  


One Year's Subscription to Readly Giveaway - National Vegetarian Week

Imagine reading all these magazines each month. It would cost a fortune wouldn't it? 

Not with Readly. Readly is an online magazine reader service. Unlimited access to thousands of magazines for only £7.99 a month. You couldn't even buy two magazines for that. Even better you can share it with your family as you can load Readly on to 5 different devices and you can download the mags to read while you are offline.

Sounds amazing doesn't it?

I've been trying it out and I've found it really easy to use. It can be used on iOS or android, so you can load it on to phones, tablets and PCs. You just sign up, then download the app from your app store and start reading as soon as you're ready.

Here are my favourite magazines so far:

  • Jamie
  • Veggie
  • Olive
  • Thrive
  • Healthy
  • BBC Good Food
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Beano
  • Good Housekeeping (yes I've hit that age)
  • PC Advisor
  • Tech Advisor

Would you like to win one year's subscription to Readly worth nearly £100? 


Quick Blender Broccoli and Stilton Soup - National Vegetarian Week

Cheese doesn't make an appearance in my soup very often. Most soups I make are vegan anyway, which suits everyone and means less cooking for me. This broccoli and Stilton soup is an exception.

I had a craving!!!

It was all Helen's fault. 

I work with Helen and she caught me at a hungry moment. She started telling me that she was going to make broccoli and Stilton soup that night. I could think of nothing else for days.


Meat Free Mondays - National Vegetarian Week 2017

It's National Vegetarian Week and I'll be bringing you veggie news every day this week. Recipes, giveaways and cookbook reviews. Today I'll start with Meat Free Mondays.

For those of you unfamiliar with Meat Free Mondays, it's a social movement, where people promote a vegetarian diet and encouraging everyone to try and eat vegetarian at least once a week. Every Monday throughout the year I bring you seven new featured recipes for the week ahead and let you decided how many days you want to go veggie. There's always plenty of inspiration.

So without further ado and in line with veggie week, let's get stuck in!


Best 60 Vegan & Dairy Free Products (UK)

When Graham first decided to become vegan we really struggled with it. A lot of the veggie dishes I cooked were vegan anyway, but there wasn't really any good alternatives for the things that make vegan living easier and no quick bites to grab on the go.

10 years on and Graham tried again, this time it was a lot easier. I was more aware of vegan options when I was cooking and there were more and more products available. He's now been vegan for 5 years and we mostly eat vegan now, although Cooper and I are still vegetarian. Graham of course always eats vegan and maybe one day Cooper and I will complete the move across too.

Today I'd like to share with you our favourite vegan products. Dairy alternatives, dairy free ingredients as well as treats such as crisps, sweets and chocolate. 

Just remember that a vegan diet should start with fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, seeds and pulses. These are the building blocks of a healthy diet. Other items should be a smaller part of your diet. Check out my recipe index for lots of easy and healthy vegan recipes.

I mostly shop at Tesco as it's close to me and I can find everything I need, but most supermarkets have a good range of vegan products or are starting to improve.


Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Peanut butter and chocolate chip banana bread - vegan recipe from tinnedtomatoes.com

I've made another vegan banana bread. I don't know what it is, but there always seems to be leftover and rapidly browning bananas in my house. I add bananas to smoothies and I take them to work to snack on, yet there are always leftover bananas. Never mind, that means Graham gets some scrummy banana bread quite regularly.

I added chocolate chips as usual. Let's face it everything is improved with a spot of chocolate. I also added peanut butter this time and a swirl of caramel on top.

The caramel is completely optional. I know caramel isn't usually vegan, but this one is coconut based. Isn't everything these days? I got it in M&S. It's rather pricey, but it's actually lasted a while. I've added it to a few things and there's still plenty left.


Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (8 May 2017)

Happy Monday!

How are you?

Have you had a good week? Does it feel like the weeks go by quicker and quicker or is that just me?

My week went by in a flash. I was pretty tired after our weekend in London and then I was plunged straight back into the working week. At the weekend I caught up on housework, did a spot of baking and got out for a nice long dog walk on Sunday.

Here are the mutts in question, oh and the child. It was great to get some fresh air and to feel the sun on my face again.

Now it's Monday and I've had a long day at work. I'm struggling to stay awake to share this week's Meat Free Monday recipes with you, but I wouldn't let you down. I hope these recipes inspire you to eat vegetarian for some or all of this week.

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