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My name is and I write Tinned Tomatoes.

Just in case you're wondering about the name, no I don't only cook with tinned tomatoes and I definitely don't bake with them. When I started this blog most of my regular recipes started with a tin of tomatoes, such as soup, sauce for pasta, bolognaise and chilli. I wanted to move on from that and learn to cook more interesting meals, so the name was where I started and a reminder that there is more to cooking than tinned tomatoes. People know the name now so it's a bit harder to move on from it, but maybe one day.......

I'm a food writer and recipe developer who specialises in vegetarian cooking and more recently vegan cooking. I've been writing Tinned Tomatoes since April 2007.

My interest in food began when I became a vegetarian 24 years ago. I've been trying out new recipes since then.

As well as savoury dishes, you will also find a lot of cakes and cookies on Tinned Tomatoes. I love baking, it's so therapeutic.   .

I host three monthly blog events; Bookmarked Recipes, a round-up of food bloggers bookmarked recipes, No Croutons Required, a soup and salad challenge, which I co-host with Lisa from Lisa's Kitchen and my newest challenge Pasta Please. I also run the Dundee branch of the Clandestine Cake Club.

You can find more of my recipes and articles over at Baby Centre and Great British Chefs. 

I live in Scotland with my little boy Cooper, who loves to bake and my vegan husband Graham who likes to stay as far away from the kitchen as possible, unless I'm passing him some food.

For a list of my publications, visit my press page.

If you would like me to review products, develop recipes or write an article for you then please get in touch and ask for my media pack.

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