the food blog diary

As you probably know, I host two food blog challenges; No Croutons Required and Bookmark Recipes. Well, it is all fine and good to host a challenge, but you need to let people know about it. There used to be a couple of good websites which displayed all the latest challenges, but one was disbanded and the other was left to wilt and was drowned in spam. In frustration I decided to start my own:

The Food Blog Diary 

The Food Blog Diary has been running since June 2010. Each month I post information on all the latest foodie challenges, giveaways and competitions. When I say all, I mean all that are submitted to me and all that I know about. It is every expanding and the diary is updated throughout the month.

Recently, I got a new host on board to help me with the diary. Karen has been a great help with the upkeep of the diary and I would encourage you to visit her over at her blog Lavender & Lovage.

If you have any questions or would like to submit your foodie challenge, giveaway or competition, email us at