My company for the afternoon.

May I introduce to you my furry friend Elmo, who kept up a percussion of pigeon-like purring all day.


  1. Hi Holler! I am Deb from
    I saw your comments on Anne's site so I thought I would drop by and say Hi. Your kitty is so cute - I have a black cat also whose name is Fang. And hey, I checked out the monkey site and had a nice chuckle. I just started blogging a few months ago myself. It is alot of fun and you meet people from all over the world! Please stop by my site and say Hi and I will tune into you again soon!

  2. Hi Deb, Good to hear from you!
    I do hope to meet lots of people on my blog.
    I really do enjoy your site, but I haven't come across a photo of fang yet! Is he in there somewhere?
    Glad you liked Cooking with Monkey, I think he will be coming on holiday with me (he's a world traveller!).


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