Childhood Favourite

Yum!, Orange Aero is back!

When I was at primary school, I would go to a childminder after school, just once a week. We used to have a great time there! We would bake cookies (which were delicious because we made them) , we made figures out of salt dough ( boy did that stuff stink!) and my favourite, drawing and painting masterpieces which we would then pop in the post to the BBC.

In the 70's there was a great BBC tv programme called Take Hart. I used to watch it religiously. Take Hart was an art programme. The presenter Tony Hart would demonstrate painting and crafts for children. At the end of the show there would be 'The Gallery' where children's artwork would be shown, while elevator music played in the background! Well, I waited and waited for some of my work to be shown, it never was, but I still watched 'The Gallery' with mounting excitement each week!

So, you are asking, what does this have to do with chocolate? Well it all ties in with my warm memories of that time.

My mum would come to collect me from the childminder's (I would leave somewhat hesitantly) and my treat was to stop in at the local shop and buy a piece of chocolate for the walk home. My chocolate of choice at the time was an Orange Aero bar by Nestle (orange flavoured bubbly chocolate) .

Well I used to love that chocolate! They stopped making it years ago , so I was delighted to see it on the shelf of my local supermarket. It brought back all those lovely memories and it tastes just as delicious, although it has had a change of name. It is now called Orange Delight Aero!

Does anybody have any childhood food memories that they would like to share ? It doesn't have to be chocolate related!


  1. I've never tried aero-orange, we don't have that where I'm from. But I love chocolate-and-orange! My favorites are orange-flavored chocolate and mint-flavored chocolate. Yum!

  2. Not keen on mint, but I could happy eat some orange flavoured chocolate! Like right now!


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