Tag! You're It!

We were quite violent when we played tag at school! The word tag was accompanied by a hard slap or punch to the arm. This should be a much gentler experience!

The Left Over Queen has tagged me in my first meme. So here goes!

Tagged! 7 Random Foodie Facts

1 Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms! I just love them! I love them on thick crunchy toast, in a creamy risotto, all herby on pasta and garlicky on bruschetta.

2 I cannot stand marzipan, liquorice or aniseed and I just don't know why that is!

3 I remember when I was quite young I used to climb up on a chair and on to the kitchen unit. Then I could reach the cupboard that housed the Colman's French Mustard. I would then sit on the unit and eat it with a teaspoon, until my inevitable capture by mum or dad!

4 When I went to college and lived on my own for the first time, I had to start cooking for myself. My Repertoire wasn't very extensive, I can tell you! I lived off salads, pizza and sandwiches. But I did have a signature dish - Macaroni Cheese. My mum taught me how to make a good cheese sauce from a roue! My guests were impressed!

5 I love watching cookery programmes and I don't even mind if they are cooking with meat, I know they will get around to making a side dish or dessert!

6 My favourite kitchen gadget is my potato ricer. It reminds me of a toy I played with as a child. It was a barbershop of plastic people! You put plasticine(playdough) in the people and squeezed. Long gooey hair squished out and then you gave them a haircut! The potato ricer is just really a grown-up version of that!

7 My greatest pleasure is coming home after work on a hot summer's day and sitting in my garden with a good book and a glass of chilled rose! Ah bliss!

Gentle tap on the arm! Tag you're it!

Deb at Deb's Key West Wine & Gardening ,
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Julie at Bad Home Cooking.

I challenge you to write 7 random foodie facts about yourself on your blog. When you have completed your challenge come back and let me know and we can have a look! It should be fun! Remember to tag someone else!

I would like to take a minute at the end of this post to thank The Left Over Queen, who tagged me for this meme, for all her hard work in setting up The Foodie Blogroll. If you want to have a look, it has been added to this blog!


  1. Well, I love marzipan and anise and fennel...but I can see how people might not like those...

    A glass of wine and a good book? How can anything be better?!

  2. I'm with you on the marzipan!

  3. A fellow mushroom lover! I'll try to get to this little game later on.
    For now, I'm off to make stuffed mushrooms. Recipe and pictures coming soon to my blog.

  4. Dear holler. Guess what. I was ata friend's place recently and they pulled out the play-doh kid's hair thing! I was really impressed - what a cool game. Obviously, I missed out in my childhood.

  5. Ok, so I'll have a seat in the garden with Jenndz and have a glass of wine, Lisa will make stuffed mushrooms for our meal, Beccy can make a cake for dessert (no marzipan)and Little Miss Moi can bring the play-doh barber game. Sounds like a party to me!

  6. Lisa my little green fingered friend, I liked your meme! Yoga is the answer, it is very calming!
    Thanks for that! You responded really quickly!

  7. Thanks Holler for your blur about the Foodie Blogroll! :)

  8. Holler, I will be joining your gang soon! This is a cool tag!

  9. I look forward to it Winedeb.

  10. I am so with you on sitting in the garden with a good book and glass of wine! I look forward to trying out some of your recipes - my vegan daughter will love it!

  11. Thanks for stopping by Rose.

  12. Here is Charlotte's Meme and Lisa's Meme .
    Thanks you guys!

  13. Oh - I had that same playdough toy. I loved it!

  14. OK Holler - you can check out my foodie facts!!! Too fun !!!

  15. Here is Julie's response to the tag over at Bad Home Cooking .
    Thanks Julie


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