We won't be going back there again!

Graham and I decided to go out to have something to eat during the bank holiday weekend. I had been studying all weekend and frankly, I just couldn't be bothered to start cooking (I know, shame on me!).

We didn't want to get dressed up to go to a restaurant, just something informal would do, so we decided on a cafe bar in the city centre.

The menu is quite good for vegetarians, they have salads, wraps, baked potatoes and about 50 different toppings for burgers, veggie burgers too of course! We had been there a few times and quite enjoyed it.

We deliberated over the menu for quite some time. Well if you get down to the hard facts, I deliberated for ages, Graham made up his mind really quickly!
Would I have A veggie burger with a curry topping, a spicy salsa, sweet and sour vegetables or maybe a fried egg, I did actually ponder on that choice for a while, but decided it would be too messy!

So I ordered a veggie burger with stilton cheese and Graham ordered a Veggie burger with cheddar, he made the mistake of ordering jalepenos last time. Oh Boy!
So the meal arrives, I munch on a bit of the salad and a lattice fry, Graham goes straight for the burger, opens it up to add some slald to it and oh no, a beefburger! I check mine , the same, they definitely look and smell like meat. So we called the waitress over and very pleasantly pointed out the mistake. She took the plates back to the kitchen.

Now if she had come back and apologised for the mistake all would have been well, but she actually came back and start a story about how they had a new supplier and the new 'quorn burgers' actually looked very like meat and probably smelled like it too! Well that was enough for me, we declined having something else to eat and just paid for our drinks.

How disappointing and we just won't go back. It will probably put our friends off going there too, so it was a bit of a mistake on their part, how easy would it have been to apologise and rectify the situation!

And there endeth my rant for the day!

And the moral of the story is:

I should have put my cooking apron on and dished up something quick and easy!


  1. What a terrible thing to happen to you. They definitely should have appologised big time for that and given you the drinks on the house.

  2. I've accidentally gotten meat in restaurants before and it always kills me when they act like I'm just being picky. I ordered the meatless version for a reason!!

    I also hate that when you regret not cooking yourself! I had a similar thing happen 2 weekends ago. I didn't feel like cooking so we went down the street to our favorite place and all three of us ended up sick all night. That's what I get for being lazy!


  3. I agree with you Beccy, free wine would have been good! Insultingly the glass of wine I had was hideously expensive and graham's glass of diet coke cost as much as a glass of wine usually does, so we may not have paid for the main course, but they certainly got their money out of us! Oh no, now I am ranting again! Poor you Dana, that sounds absolutely horrible. We will all have to be extra picky in future about where we dine!

  4. We had a situation once in a pasta restaurant. My pasta was not cooked correctly -actually it tasted like a rock. To make a long story short, they offered me a free cup of coffee! I never went back to that place either.
    Always satify the customer. You never know who they know.

  5. Oh J
    I would have demanded free drinks too. Get in touch with trading standards or environmental health love.
    Love the site. You do know that I eat meat though. BUT I love veggie stuff too. Never eat rice in a restuarant especially a buffet place. It will be full of beasties.
    Ails x

  6. Hi Deb, I always seem to have problems with pasta when I eat out too! Although it always seems over cooked, but I can see how undercooked could be nasty too. Bugs in rice, gross Ails (ps you can still visit even though it is a veggie blog).


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