Double Tomato Pasta Salad

I needed something quick and tasty after a late night at work, this pasta salad fitted the bill nicely! I always whip up a bowl of this to serve at barbecues.

I cooked a bag of pasta twirls until al dente and then rinsed the pasta under cold water until completely cold before adding the other ingredients. This is the secret of a good pasta salad, no more squidgey, claggy pasta, just glossy, firm pasta.

A jar of sun-dried tomatoes is swiftly emptied in with the pasta, tomatoes and oil, I chop the tomatoes with scissors. 

I then add some fresh mozzarella, torn or chopped into small pieces. 

Next goes in the baby plum tomatoes, sliced in half, a large handful or two of fresh basil, roughly torn. 

I finish off with a couple of heaped tablespoons of pesto, some freshly ground black pepper to season and mix it all together thoroughly.

This pasta is usually enjoyed by all and the leftovers are good for lunch. Well usually!

I made a fatal error this time! I thought I was being clever, by adding a couple of handfuls of chopped rocket leaves, but I was wrong! I thought it would add an extra complexity to the flavour of the salad, but I was wrong! Graham noticed the slight change of flavour immediately and refused to eat anymore, as it "tasted odd"!

I sometimes wonder how a grown man can act so childishly about food. If he thinks something has been tweaked he is instantly cautious! I shall have to take a leaf (no pun intended!) out of Charlotte's book (Great Big Vegetable Challenge) , she is so good at tempting Freddie to try new things.

Do men ever grow up?


  1. My dark food secret is that I can't stand sundried tomatoes.
    Appreciating it visually though!

  2. Hi Wendy, Oh well, what the heck! Try it with grilled peppers and add some olive oil to substitute for the sundried tomato oil.

  3. I am so glad I am doing this with Freddie now - instead of waiting 25 years until his poor partner/wife has to go through the same challenges!
    What you described - noticing the slightest change in taste or texture is exactly what Freddie does...the trick is to try and make that fun. Easier with an 8 year old than someone grown up!!
    Good luck.

  4. it's first time to hear sun-dried tomatoes, sounds very nice. it's very hot lately in Japan, so i want to try it. Is there any tips? Or should i buy dried tomatoed?

  5. I adore sundried tomatoes. They have such a strong flavor and the oil is awesome. Sometimes I just use the oil for a quick saute of veggies and pour over hot pasta. (That is when I am in a BIG hurry!)
    But it is summer and getting ideas for cold pasta salads is nice. I will try yours, without rocket!

  6. Men never grow up!!! i love sundried tomatoes, btw. Great stuff!!

  7. Hi Charlotte(GBVC), I am going to try and make things fun! I always have the dilemma of, do I tell him I have added something different (with the chance that he won't like it before he has tried it) or not tell him & cross my fingers! I usually wimp out and avoid things he isn't keen on!

    Hi Millife, try leaving the dried tomatoes in olive oil to soften them up, while flavouring the oil.

    Hi Winedeb, That's a good tip for an easy dressing! We are having summer too, but it is rain, rain, rain!

    Hi Kleopatra, I think you are right about men & sundried tomatoes!


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