Glazed Halloumi


Tonight I used the jerked honey rum glaze on halloumi cheese and it gets a big thumbs up! Graham absolutely loved it. He held the rum up in the supermarket queue and gave me a "what the heck's this?" kind of look, but I think he has forgiven me now.

I brushed the glaze onto the halloumi and fried it in a pan, no oil. I was a bit worried that it might stick, but it worked out fine and tasted 'out of this world'. The glaze gave the salty halloumi a lovely sweet and spicy coating.

We had the glazed halloumi on pitta bread with some of my homemade red cabbage coleslaw and rocket leaves. A great combination. When I brought my parcel to the table, Graham's reaction was "Is that my next wrap?", he was very disappointed when I told him there was no more halloumi.

We will definitely be having glazed halloumi again!


  1. this was seriously good!
    i could have eaten (at least) another, no problem at all.
    highly recommended, hurrah for the originator of the glaze recipe.

  2. your dishes always look so colorful and gorgeous!

  3. Too cool Holler! You keep talking about Halloumi, and when I was at the market yesterday, what did I come across - Halloumi! I have never heard of that cheese until you and Anne started making sandwich's with it. I cannot wait to try it! Which way do you suggest I use it first? Do I just put it in the pan and fry?

  4. Curious - Is Graham a veggie too? Or are you slowly but surely converting him? :)
    The halloumi sounds delicious.

  5. i want to try this - it looks a perfect way to have halloumi - I always find it a bit salty so I think this looks a great way to cook it. Glad graham liked it despit the rum as I was a bit wary of the rum

  6. Wow, that does look outstanding! YUM YUM!

  7. Hi graham, I know you would have liked more, but I did give you a bite of mine!

    Why thank you frannie!

    Hi winedeb, I am glad you are going to try the halloumi! I would just dry fry the slices of hallloumi, or if you want to, put a little oil in the pan.

    The Halloumi is good in a salad, on wraps & pitta and probably another hundred ways!

    Let me know what you think of it!

    Hi wendy, Graham is a veggie too! He was a veggie when I met him, in my student days! I am really lucky that is has worked out this way.

    Johanna, The rum doesn't have a prominent flavour in the glaze, it is subtle but, you could always use some balsamic vinegar instead, that would keep the sweetness of the glaze!

    Thank you Jenn!

  8. I will definitely be making this. I love halloumi.

  9. Hi Sara, I love halloumi too, I always have a block in the fridge, just in case I have to whip up something quickly.

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