Mum's Fruit Loaf

Yes, she of the The Kettle Killers. My mum cooked one particular fruit loaf on a regular basis and the smell of the spices that would drift out of the oven was heavenly. We could never wait until it cooled down, but had to have a slice, while it was sill warm, with butter! Delicious!

Well anyway, here is how the story goes.

A late night chat with Wendy from Teaching and Learning and a Wee Bit of Cooking about foolproof baking! Wendy was trying to prepare for a cake stand at her school's Highland Games! Last minute! What shall I make? I thought Mum's Fruit Loaf! So I phoned my mum (the Kettle Killer) and she read the recipe out to me while I typed. My mum has a cookbook, where she adjusts the recipes, as she cooks. She also scribbles recipes in corners, on end pages and has lots of loose leaf pages gathering in there! Wendy, rolled up her sleeves and got stuck in and the results look damn yummy (excuse the french!)! She has posted the most gorgeous photo of the loaf, I wish we could smell it too!

My mum says that the loaf was originally an Australian Fruit Loaf, and that may be so, as she has family in Australia. But to me it is Mum's Fruit Loaf!

You can pick up the recipe on Wendy's Blog.

I hope you all try it, then I can tell my mum that her recipe is world famous!


  1. I have some breaking news on The Kettle Killers! They have killed another kettle! However, while we were shopping in Perth I spotted one at half price, in the style they like. They took it to the till, and lo and behold, there was even more money off! So lets hope this will be a lucky kettle and that there will be no more casualties!

  2. Holler that fruit loaf looked grand! You go girl!
    While I have you here, tell me how your conversion chart works so I can see what prices would be for you on our wines.

  3. Hi Deb, Wendy did a grand job with that loaf!

    The currency converter I use is this .

  4. aha - now I know why this recipe is familiar - it is similar to one my mum bakes (I realised when you said the australian connection - am glad to hear you have Australian connections - have you been to visit or do you plan to?) but my mum doesn't put in the baking soda til after it has boiled and then it all froths up in an exciting way - I am with you in eating cakes and bread hot out of the oven - definitely the best way to eat food - especially if you want butter melting all over it!

  5. I'd just like to say that the loaf was fab! I couldn't eat a whole slice as it was for the games' tearoom but I did hoover up all the crumbs!

  6. Hey holler !
    Thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    I'm trying to convince my husband to develop a scottish accent :) I think it would be quicker if we moved to Scotland, so I'm playing the lottery LOL :D

  7. What a fun post. i have to visit the links now to see what is going on!! A fruit loaf... with the sweet scent of the special spices!! Mmmmmmmm... it sounds like it was a wonderful treat for you all!

  8. That loaf certainly does look moist and delicious!

  9. That loaf looks very good, I shall try it out when I'm a little more settled!

  10. Hi Johanna, I would like to visit Austraila at some point, but no immediate plans to go! The frothing sounds good, I wonder if it makes a difference?

    Hi Wendy, I am getting a bad mental image of you!

    Gaia, Thanks for visiting, good luck with your lottery numbers!

    Hi Kleopatra, mum's fruit loaf, is definitely is a treat, I must make it again soon!

    Atxvegan, I think that the fact that it is moist and not dry like some fruit cake, is definitely a plus!

    Hello again Beccy, nice to have you back! Did you have a really great time in France?

  11. Dear holler. It does look like a deliciouso recipe - I LOVE fruit loaf. Maybe it's a real aussie thing - I grew up on it and my mum used to make her own too!

  12. HiLittle Miss Moi, Aren't we lucky to have had such indulgent mothers? Do you like your fruit loaf, warm or cold? Do you top it with anything?


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