Spicy Harissa Coleslaw


I got a great recipe for Harissa at Lisa's Kitchen! I had read about Harissa in recipes, but had never tried it, so I thought, here goes!

I was a little afraid, because it had a huge amount of chilli in it! But actually, it has a great flavour behind the heat! So I was very enthusiastic about it!

I tried it out for the first time, as a dressing for baby potatoes to accompany Spinach and Feta Triangles and it was gorgeous, but, I was unsure of where to go next with it. I know it is great with couscous but Graham hates the stuff! I was very glad that my little glass jar of spicy paste had a long shelf life!

Into the story, such as it is, rides the Leftover Queen with her Tunisian Carrot Salad with Harissa and Feta Cheese.

I had an Eureka moment and went off to the kitchen to make Spicy Harissa Coleslaw, which I served with some unctuous feta cheese! So here it is! Just carrots, white cabbage and red onion, dressed with Harissa, mixed with some olive oil and red wine vinegar. A little twist of salt and pepper and off to the fridge it went, to develop overnight!

Pow! It packs a punch! Great Gum-drops!

It must have smelt fabulous! My cat tried to swipe some of the plate, while I was trying to take a photo! He was most disgruntled, when I asked him politely to Go Away!


  1. Gorgeous slaw!!

    i laughed about your cat...

  2. That looks seriously tasty. The bf loves both spicy food and coleslaw, so I'm passing on the recipe to him! Thanks!

  3. Nice pictures! Sounds like good BBQ food to me. Just need the weather now.

  4. Will definately try this one as I grow so many chili peppers. Mike is the chili pepper king. He adores spicy, I mean SPICY foods! I like a little spice, but...he goes crazy. I took a look at the Left Over Queen site and the other one you mentioned. I will tune into them as they look like they have some good info! Nice shadow work on your photos!

  5. What a great idea for a dish. Beautiful picture. I still have some harissa left, so I plan to try this. Thanks for the idea.

  6. Dear holler. That does look good - and that's one I could make. After all, Ukraine is the land of cabbage (although they're not coleslaw makers. Which I just don't get).

  7. Hi Kleopatra, He was really chancing his luck. Luckily, I caught him as his foot started to edge toward the plate!

    hellojed, It is tasty and it has a powerful kick!

    Hi Wendy, Wouldn't be great to have s sunny day this weekend! The BBQ would definitely be loaded up!

    Winedeb, how are your chillis coming on? I would love a photo of them to compare to! It might give me an idea of what stage mine are at.

    Lisa, you will definitely like this as it is spicy, spicy, hot! And of course I used your recipe for the harissa, so you know it will be good! I am guessing that you will add a lot more harissa than I did, I know how much you like chilli!

  8. Sounds really really good, Holler!

  9. Thanks Jenn! I thought your Tunisian Carrot Salad with Harissa and Feta Cheese sounded great!


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