Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

I ordered a copy of The Perfect Scoop from the library. But, I think I'll have to buy a copy! It is excellent! David Lebovitz, sure does know his ice cream and sorbet and frozen yogurt and granita and sherbet and toppings.......!

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

1/2 cups / 360g plain whole-milk yogurt
3/4 cup / 150g sugar
3 cups / 340g blueberries, fresh or frozen
1 teaspoon kirsch (optional)
2 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

In a blender or food processor, blend together the yogurt, sugar and blueberries. Press the mixture through a strainer to remove the seeds. Stir in the kirsch and lemon juice and chill for 1 hour.

Freeze in your ice cream maker according to manufacturers instructions.

Oh boy, this was good! It really brought out the flavour of the blueberries. It had a good tang and wasn't too sweet, as some frozen yogurts can be!

There were just about enough blueberries left to make the frozen yogurt, after I had finished popping them like sweeties! I didn't bother to strain the mixture, because I actually like the seeds. I like seeds in raspberry jam too, they give a little bite!

I wish blueberry season would last forever!

And I have to tell you, now I have bought American cup measuring spoons, I just don't want to go back to metric! It is so much easier to measure with cups, than dragging out the scales, everytime I make something!


  1. that looks fantastic colour - I am with you on seeds in berries - and I am pleased you are now into the cup measures - they are so much easier than weighing that I am willing to concede a little accuracy

  2. I love David Lebovitz! I took a class from him once - he loves chocolate and eats it everyday. He is a great candy maker. I emailed him once to ask a question about a recipe and he emailed me back immediately. Oh, and he's real skinny! I'll bet every recipe in his new book is fantastic.

  3. I don't own a scale so don't know how I could cook in metric. The ice cream looks fantastic!!! I bet it tastes great as well; as you said not too sweet. Remember blueberries are very good for you...high in antioxidants.. I don't let that ruin my pleasure in gorging on ice cream!!!

  4. Hi Johanna, I will have to try to add cup sizes when I write my recipes! Will have to look for a chart, I think! Cup measuring is definitely the best!
    Hi Atxvegn, How exciting!What was the class you took?
    Hi Val, It was velvety blueberry heaven!

  5. Blueberries on your Cereal with Bananna and bio yoghurt is delicious try it.
    Love your Blog thanks for your comments on mine. I update frequently so come again.
    Remember and join my John Smeaton discussion or Poll x

  6. I'm glad it was easy for you to buy the measuring cups,
    I've had such trouble converting. I may have to break down and buy a scale, not that I didn't want to, anyway.
    The frozen yogurt looks wonderful, I am supposed to go blueberry picking today so I need to remember to put my ice cream maker bowl in the freezer!

  7. It's beautiful! I cannot wait to get back to Key West and my ice cream maker! So many goodies on the blogs lately for those summer treats. And yes, I wish blueberry season would last. I have been putting them in everything lately. So Yummy!!!!

  8. You HAVE to stop posting these gorgeous sorbet/ice cream recipes. My wee kitchen can take another gadget!
    My blueberries aren't ripe yet. There are lots on the bushes though. Will keep this on file. Just in case... :)

  9. Hi Gary, Thanks for visiting! Your site did make me laugh!
    I haven't tried blueberries on cereal. I usually add strawberries or a bananas. I have to say I am not a great cereal lover, but I do get a notion for it once or twice a year!
    Hi Lisa, Blueberry picking! Sounds great! Hope you had a great day and plenty of sunscreen on!
    Hi Deb, I am looking forward to you including one of the alcoholic recipes for the ice cream maker!
    Hi Wendy, You have such a great garden going this year! Bet you can't wait for those blueberries!
    Are you still missing Rosie?

  10. This looks delectable. We can find blueberries almost all year round, but because it's winter here now, it costs $9-$10 a punnet (150g).
    p/s: I got to your blog from Valli's. You can have a look at my blog to see why Aussies celebrate "Christmas" (the eating part!) in July.

  11. That looks really good. Blueberries are in season too. I have been seeing a lot of really tasty looking home made ice creams and frozen yogurts. I really am going to have to pick up an ice cream maker.

  12. Very much so! My garden is not. Can hear the peas sighing with relief - "we're safe!"

  13. Okay maybe measuring in cups is a bit easier when cooking, but other than that, I wish america would shift to metric. I'm so lazy to do conversions in my head. But enough about that... i love blueberry and your yogurt looks REALLY GOOD. by the way, i finally did the meme. hehe. happy cooking!

  14. It looks wonderful - such a vibrant and beautiful color!

  15. Mmmmmmmm!! Blueberries!! That looks amazing. Thanks for the recipe. David Lebovitz, hmmmm... gotta check'm out! Congrats (i think!) on the "American" measuring spoons!! Hee hee. All the years my schools tried to teach me metric... *sigh*

  16. I love blueberries...I do a blueberry white chocolate muffin that is so good!
    That frozen yogurt is a beautiful color!

  17. Hi Nora , I heard about your July Christmas. Sounds like fun and lots of work, hope the works being shared! Talking of sharing, I like your shared cat!

    Merry Christmas to you!

    Hi Kevin, Give in to your strong desire and buy an ice cream maker, they are great unlike that white elephant sitting on a much needed shelf! We call it a bread maker, but it makes no bread!

    Hi Wendy, did Rosie munch the peas or just pester them?

    Hi Maya, Thanks for doing the
    Meme. That didn't sound the best of days! Have some bluberries, they have the power to cheer you up! Happy Fruit!

    Hi Patricia, I am with you the colour was beautiful! And it tasted just as good as it looked!

    Hi Kleopatra, I am just loving those measuring spoons!

    Hi Marye, Thanks for visiting. I am chuffed that your muffins are measured out in cups, as you can tell it is my latest obsession!

  18. This does look excellent! I have the perfect scoop too, but I haven't tried the blueberry frozen yogurt yet. It is definitely on my list, thanks for the link.

  19. Hi Katerina, What have you tried from the book so far?

  20. I've tried his Vietnamese Coffee Icecream couple of times - wonderful. But with all those berries (be they blue- or blaeberries) around, I should try something more seasonal next, I guess:)


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