Bruschetta & Wine

I whipped up another batch of Pea Pesto. I decided not to have it on pasta this time. I made up a plate of bruschetta instead.

I rubbed the toasted bread with garlic, in the time honoured tradition and topped it with pea pesto, mozzarella, baby plum tomatoes and basil. Divine and it got a big thumbs up from Graham!

I opened up a bottle of Honeywood Sauvignon Blanc, to accompany it.

It's a white, with a clean, sharp taste, very sharp! I suppose some would call it crisp. I call it very sharp!

I did enjoy it with the bruschetta. Unfortunately, it was raining, so I didn't enjoy it in the garden. I think this is a combination that should be enjoyed outside on a terrace, in the sun!

Disclosure: I was not sent this wine to review, I bought it myself.


  1. It look divine and definitely like something that should be eaten out in the sun.

  2. I agree a sun-worthy treat, but (almost) as good inside?!

  3. This gets a thumb's up from me as well Holler. Definitely "droolworthy" fare... with or without the sun!!!

  4. Tomatoes are such a favorite of mine. They are just becoming ripe for the picking here and I cannot wait to start using the home grown guys. Bruschetta is an awesome invention! There is so many different ways to fit it and it is a great "finger food"! Yours looks yummy with the pea pesto!

  5. Hi Beccy, Bring on the sun!

    Hi Lisa, It was still good indoors, looking out at the rain!

    Thanks Val!

    Homegrown tomatoes, they will be great Deb! So much more flavour!

    Thanks Kleopatra!

  6. Hi there, first time visitor to your blog and although I'm not a vegitarian, that does not mean I don't enjoy enjoy veggies...moderation in everything.
    Oh, and the bruschetta looks great!


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