Dunnottar Castle

Today we fled from wedding plans and any housework that needed done and headed up the coast to Stonehaven.

We took the coastal path from the harbour up to Dunnottar Castle. It is a precarious walk along the cliffs, with a sheer drop to the side of you, as you climb along the narrow track, but well worth it for the stunning views!

The weather held while we walked to the castle, but we lucked out on the way back and got soaked to the skin. We really should buy Kagools! I know they aren't the height of fashion, but they would have come in handy today! It was actually rather scary walking back through the wind and heavy rain, I thought I was a goner a few times. Converse boots really don't have good grip!

Note to self: Buy some suitable walking gear!

We had a picnic in the grounds of the castle. Baguettes spread with pesto and filled with mozzarella, tomato, avocado and basil leaves, with a good grinding of black pepper! I wasn't all that organised and forgot to bring water, so I had to drink some of Graham's Pepsi Max. I am not a big fan of fizzy juice, yuck!


We arrived back in the market place, soaked through and chilly. So off to the pub for a pint of cider for me and pepsi for Graham. Guess who was driving?

The day was ended with a bag of chips, eaten on the beach, before we made our weary way home!


  1. Oh my. Dunnottar is one of my favourite childhood places (along with Glentanar and Pennan). When I was a kid we used to park in Stonehaven, trek up to the castle and then stumble back down again and have a fish supper on the harbour wall.
    It's been years since I was there but I can still see that slender waterfall streaming down the scary cliff/gorge!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    It is a fabulous place isn't it? I was amazed! I kept having to stop, to take it all in! I don't think this mattered so much on the way to the castle, when it was glorious sunshine, but Graham soon got fed up of my stopping on the way back, whilst it poured with rain!
    I haven't been to Glentanar or Pennan, are they in the area too? Will have to give them a visit!

  3. Glentanar is a gorgeous estate in Deeside (close to Ballater) and Pennan is the most amazingly cosy seaside village in Moray (along the coast from Banff/MacDuff). I come from a village to the west of Aberdeen so all of these places were within an hour or so of us.

  4. They sound great! It is just knowing where to go sometimes, isn't it?

  5. Do you know, that first picture of Dunnottar Castle is exactly how I envisaged the setting of the Island of Adventure by Enid Blyton, one of my favourite childhood books and the first that I can remember reading by myself. I suppose her Adventure books are not considered politically correct these days, but that picture brings back fond memories nonetheless and makes me want to read them again. Thank you.

  6. Hi Mapmaster,
    The drama of it all reminded me of Hogwarts! Although it looks nothing like it! I can imagine Enid Blytons characters having an adventure at this castle!
    Do you know that I have some Bagthorpes books lined up for when I finish Harry Potter, on your recommendation?

  7. It was a great place to visit. The castle location is amazing and the views from it, and on the way there were stunning, although at some points the precariousness of the pathway along the cliffs rekindled my fear of heights!
    Coming up the steps from the castle to the top of the cliffs killed my legs. Going down was fine though...
    My favourite part though were the seagull chicks, they looked like they were wearing wellies as they waddled about.

  8. I went to Dunnottar about 10 years ago and thought it was amazingly atmospheric and beautiful - and I particularly remember navigating the public footpaths and cows to get there - and incredibly windy! Lovely to see the pictures - and your baguette looks great too!

  9. Amazing pictures! I hope can visit there someday.
    Lunch looks wonderful!

  10. What a stunning place to take a Sunday walk...although it sounded a little more challenging than just a walk! A great way to blow the cobwebs away!! I like Graham's comment about the seagull chicks wearing "wellies".

  11. Oh Holler, your little side trip sounded wonderful and the photos are awesome! That castle...not very many of those in the US! I can just see you heading down from that place drenched! Great memories! Sounds like the wedding is coming together!

  12. I hope you enjoy the Bagthorpes as much as I have. The first book is good, but seems almost subdued after really picking up the comedic pace in the second and third volumes and continuing thereafter.

  13. Hey Holler! Thanks for visiting my blog. These pictures are stunningly breathtaking! What a lovely place to have a picnic. I see you are in the midst of wedding preparations, how wonderful, Congratulations! I wish you a beautiful life with your husband to be!

  14. What a picturesque place! I only went once to Edinburgh for a couple of days and always regretted not getting to see more of Scotland!

  15. Hi Graham,
    We did have a good day, didn't we? A very tiring, but happy day!
    Hi Johanna, I am glad you had the chance to enjoy the stunning views there too!
    Hey Lisa, Lunch was much appreciated, by the time we finally sat down to eat it! You can never go far wrong with tomatoes and Mozzarella!
    Hi Val, It is true! They really did look like they had wellies on, they had such big fluffy legs and feet!
    Hey Deb, You will just have to visit Scotland for a tour of the castles!
    Hi Mapmaster, I am nearly finished Harry Potter, so I will be onto Bagthorpes soon! I am looking forward to reading them!

  16. Hi Carol, Thanks for visiting! I did love your creme brulee!
    Thanks for the congrats too!

  17. Oh WOW. Just wow. So incredibly gorgeous!

  18. What a fab place for a walk and a picnic!

    I love wild and rocky coastal paths (we don't have them down here!)


  19. The photo of the castle is really nice. One of the vacations that I would like to take some day includes heading over to the UK and visiting a bunch of castles.

  20. Hey Kleopatra, The views were stunning! Definitely something you would see in a film!

    Hi Celia, They are a bit of a challenge to walk on, but great fun! Come visit us in the north!

    Hi Kevin, You should come, with exception of Stirling Castle, they are all great!


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