Pear Sorbet

I got around to making pear sorbet!

The first batch of pears were long gone and good they were too! So, off to the shops for more! But really, this recipe is so simple, 4 ripe pears, 300 ml water, 130 g sugar, 1 tsp fresh lemon juice. You just cut the pears into small chunks and cook them in about half the water until softened and then blitz everything in a blender! Pop it into the ice cream maker and hey presto, 15 minutes later, there sits some truly scrumptious pear sorbet! And what a great way to bring out the taste of pear! It would be a good palate cleanser between courses!

I am now converted to David Lebovitz, what a great man he is! Thanks for the introduction Anne!

I wish my photo could convey the taste to you!


  1. On such a hot summer day as this, your pear sorbet would sure hit the spot!!Sounds delicious!!

  2. Sorbet is so yummy! I have never had pear before though! The first thing I thought when I saw the title was that it would be a great palate cleanser!

  3. This looks delicious...

  4. Pear sorbet sounds lovely and looks "pretty". I will have to try. I usually do a Mango or Lemon, but I should branch out because they are so easy to make.
    I also went to David L sight and WOW, I could get in trouble there! I am not a dessert person but could get there looking at his sight!

  5. This sounds absolutely delicious. I adore pears. It's difficult to find a perfectly ripe one though!

  6. Hi Val Stop depressing me with your great weather! It is just cruel!

    Hi Jenn, Now I just have to work an extra course into my next dinner party!

    Hi Charlotte, It was yummy!

    Hey Deb, I love lemon sorbet too, especially with dark chocolate ice cream! David Lebovitz is an ice cream genius!

    Hi Wendy, My mum's tip for ripening pears is to store them in a brown paper bag! It seems to work, although I couldn't tell you the science behind it!

  7. Mmmmmmmmm! i love love love pears! i have never had pear sorbet. i would love to try this!! DL must be brilliant!

  8. ahh, this does it. I must get an ice cream machine!

  9. WONDERFUL ... and easy, and good for you, and delicious, and fruity ... and I've got to go out and get myself an ice-cream maker after years of promising myself one!


  10. Ingredients-tick
    Ice cream maker-damn, I knew it couldn't be that easy!

    Looks great.

  11. Hi Kleopatra, Pear sorbet, has a lovely delicate flavour, you should try it!

    Hi Vicki, Joanna and Beccy, buy an ice cream maker, they are great!


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