Rockin' Girl Blogger!

I have been nominated for an award by Hellojed over at It Had Better Be Good Blog. I am honoured to accept and I get a nifty little pink button! I am now a Rockin' Girl Blogger.

How great is that?

So now I am going to nominate some bloggers who inspire me, for the Rockin' Girl Blogger Awards!

I would like to give an award to 3 of my favourite bloggers, who have become my friends! (hope they don't deny it!)

1 WineDeb at Deb's Key West Wine & Gardening. She held out a hand of friendship to a new blogger! And it doesn't hurt that she does a lovely blog on wines, I love wine! She also has a really cute cat, who loves to lounge!

2 Lisa at Lisa's Kitchen. I always look forward to finding out about her day and really enjoy her tasty blog entries! She is leading me gently into spices, especially chili!

3 Val at More than Burnt Toast, who always gives me a longing to visit Canada! There are such beautiful photos on her blog! I always look forward to a bit of chat too!


  1. I love following the links on other blogs - a magical mystery tour of blogland!


  2. You're sweet my friend. Thank you for your correspondence and your blog.


  3. Hi Celia, It is a bit like that isn't it? A good way to find new blogs!
    Hi Lisa, Why thank you!


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