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Hellojed, over at It Had Better Be Good blog, tagged me for a meme. I wasn't sure, as I had done one so recently and I didn't want to bore everyone ridged! But how could I say no to such a gracious request! I will keep it short, I promise.

'8 Things' Meme (about my day)

1 I read my book for a while before I got out of bed this morning. I am re-reading Sabriel by Garth Nix, It was hard to put down!

2 I went into a music shop today and bought an assortment of guitar picks for a gift (I don't think they know about my blog, so I am safe to tell!).

3 Graham and I went to the registrars office today to pick up a form of non-impediment. Yes, we are getting married!

4 We had Tomato, Mozzarella and Avocado Salad for lunch. I drizzled it with a little balsamic, olive oil and wholegrain mustard dressing. It was yum!

5 I spent the rest of the day studying! What a waste of a day off!

6 It is raining cats & dogs here, luckily not my cats, they are inside, warm and cosy!

7 It is 9 o'clock at night and we haven't eaten yet! A symptom of my studying and then blogging!

8 The baked potatoes are nearly ready and there is a pot of cottge cheese with chives in the fridge, so we are saved!

I would like to tag Johanna , Wendy , Valli, Vanessa, Dana & Kay, Little Miss Moi, Pia and Maya, so I can find out all about their day! There we go! That's my 8 and I still left lots of lovely people out!

Check the rules out over at Hellojed's meme!


  1. Will do this some day soon, Holler! Thanks!

  2. Regarding no 3 - Congratulations!!!

  3. Fun meme!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. To see a photo of the spiral slicer, click on the link on my blog in the post.

  4. Yes, congratulations on your forth coming nuptials

  5. Hey, Congrats on the upcoming wedding! When will it take place? And, last question, what are you studying?

  6. Oh Congratulations! I dont know why but it makes me incredibly happy to hear about couples deciding to marry! Anyway,I will get to the meme... but YES PLEASE, il need the tutorial on how to put tags / links in my conversations.

  7. Ohhh! Number three just registered with me (I'm a little slow) - congratulations!

  8. I'll tag along soon:) Thanks!

  9. Hi all, Thank you for your congratulations! We only have a few months till our wedding and boy is it a lot of work, even when you are only planning a small affair!
    My studying is coming to an end, thank goodness, I am submitting my final piece (cross fingers!) this weekend! then I think I will be celebrating, that it is all over! Yippee! i may even get back to trying out new recipes!
    Gold star to Val for putting her meme together at the speed of light! Pickled onion sandwiches, they sound like just the solution, after a night out on the town!
    I look forward to reading the next meme!

  10. hi holler - have done the meme so feel free to check it out - I just noticed that you and I both did the reading in bed early in the morning :-) great way to start a day! I also understand the eating late - quite common at my place too. And I was curious about what you are studying?


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