Summer is Here! (well hopefully)

And I am indulging in my greatest pleasure. A glass of rose, a warm evening and a good book!

This one is for Winedeb, who is always so inspiring, with her enthusiasm of wine!

When the sun is out I always turn to one of my two favourite rose wines. Blossom Hill White Zinandel or J P Chenet Cinsault Grenache Rose. I dithered at the rose shelf, in fact I dithered about going into the supermarket! I was worried, that if I went in, the sun might disappear, while I shopped! It has happened before!

Anyway, I decided on a J P Chenet Cinsault Grenache Rose, 2005. And I was not disappointed! It was very soft on the palate, with a taste of strawberries, just right for daydreaming in the sun!. I thought I had better do a little research. I cringe at that very phrase! I have just finished my studies! I submitted my final piece at 10.23pm on Sunday and it was scary! But YEAH!!!! IT IS OVER!!!!!! I can have a life again!

I digress, the wine originates from a winery in Lantiras in France, it is famous because of the curved bottle, which was designed in the year 1991. Do you know, I have never noticed the curve neck! In my rush to pour myself a glass and get outside, while there is still sun, I just didn't notice it at all, nope, nothing is coming back to me! It is however, just what you want on a warm day! Delicious!

Look! It does have a bit of a squinty neck!

Try some!

Disclosure: I wasn't sent this for review, I bought it myself.


  1. Yahoo!!!! I am so proud of you!!!
    That is a marvelous post!!!!! I will try to find that wine over here, although I have not seen it yet. I would know by the shape of the bottle. I wish so much I could join you in your garden for a glass! I will in spirit!

  2. Great job Holler!! Your posts are always so interesting and "droolworthy". I am guessing your favourite wine is a Rose?? The last Rose I had was from "Blasted Church Vineyards" in Okanagan Falls (not far from Kelowna)..they won a Gold in the Canadian Championships in 2005. It is great with ham!!

  3. Looks wonderful, cheers!

  4. Mmmm you're making me thirsty!

  5. Congratulations are in order.

    You lucky northern-hemisphere-ites, getting to drink a glass of such lovely wine outside...

  6. Congrats, Holler! Some well deserved chill out time ahead for you. What were you studying?

  7. Love the bottle - I am just so not good at knowing my wines, but love a nice poetical description of a wine.

    If you have finished your studies, I hope you will still blog now you don't have your studies to procrastinate from - this is partly a joke and partly a reflection that I am glad I never blogged while I studied or I might never have finished an essay!

  8. Hi Winedeb, Thanks for that! I can't believe that I didn't even notice that funny looking neck!

  9. Hi Val, I do love a glass of rose, when I am sun-worshipping, but I usually prefer a glass of full-bodied red.

    Hi Online Recipe Collection, why thanks!

    Lisa, hope you have a glass in your hand as you say cheers!

    Beccy, Go on, indulge!

    Hi Lucy, what is the weather like with you just now?

    Hi Wendy, I was studying an Open University, New Web course, just a short one! Although it didn't feel like that these last few months!

  10. Hi Johanna,
    I am going to try to get back into my blog now, although I have been wiped this week!
    You are right, I did blog when I should have been studying, quite often and then I would have to stay up later to catch up! It was a lovely distraction!


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