Wedding Chaos

I have
lost a week

Searching for a wedding dress, and having Graham choose his kilt. Most of our holiday was given up to it. But we are getting there! I have selected a dress and Graham has been measured up for his kilt. Unfortunately, we have only been at home in time for bed each night, so I apologise for the lack of posts!

I had a good time, last night with one of my bridesmaids, who is trying to organise me. She and her daughter did some mind-mapping before I go there! So I am being organised swiftly and I certainly do need it.

Now here's the rub! I am stuck on what to do for favours, I don't want to go down the almonds in a net bag route!

Can anyone give me any ideas for something different to give to our friends and family?
I want to give small gifts to the men and women in the wedding group!


  1. Sounds like you're having fun, Holler!
    Favours... I've been to seven weddings in the last year and most favours have been chocolate or sweets. One other was a personalised bottle of wine for the ladies and a wee whiskey for the men. Free alcohol seems to be appreciated! My favoutite, though, were little bottles of bubbles in wedding themed shapes. Really cute and really really good fun. EVERYONE was blowing bubbles!

  2. Hi Wendy, 7 weddings in one year! Wowee!
    The bottles are out as we are travelling. But the sweets in favours, sound ok, just what do I put them in though?
    Bubbles sound fun!

  3. As you're travelling my idea won't suit. My mum helped a friend and they put the sweets in a wine glass and tied them up in cellaphane with a ribbon, they looked stunning.

  4. Sounds wonderful with a Scottish kilt-wedding, kind of reminds me of one of the weddings in "Four weddings...":)

    We actually stayed at charming Old Mansion House outside Dundee years ago, on holiday, and there was a wedding on at the same time - it lasted well into the wee hours it did. Loved the kilt part, even if we weren't invited:)

  5. Are you getting married abroad? Sorry, I'm very nosey!
    The bubbles were in tiny plastic bottles if that makes a difference.
    As for what to put the sweets in, the last wedding I was at had the chocolate maker make up little boxes wrapped in ribbon. Amazing chocolate - suspect it was pricey.
    Are you doing the favours yourself? If so, I can't think of anything other than making wee bags (easy if you have a sewing machine) or giving them a big sweetie on its own. Suspect the latter suggestion is just my Starbar addiction talking though...

  6. Hi Beccy, Bet those looked gorgeous on the table, but alas, they will not pack well!
    Hi Pia, I do like a man in a kilt!
    Did you enjoy your holiday to Scotland?
    Hey Wendy, I am starting to think that chocolates may be a good idea, they seem popular with people I have spoken to about it so far and you can get little handbag favour boxes, which might be quite good!
    We are going to Cyprus to get married!

  7. Yes always, been to Scotland many times and have never ever been disappointed:)

  8. I gave my bridesmaids the necklaces they wore in the wedding, I can't remember what my husband gave the groomsmen. For favors I had small, pretty flowers vases at each place (in addition to the rest of the flowers on the table) and they took the small ones home.

  9. Hi:
    Congratulations on the wedding! Those photos of your walk(from the above post, sorry) are simply stunning. They made me put Scotland on my list of places to visit.

    Here's a wacky idea for a favour. Not elegant but practical. How about individual tins of nice imported Italian tomatoes with a recipe for sauce handwritten on a card and taped to the top, maybe with a small wooden spaghetti fork tied on? Maybe too difficult to organize, but just a thought.

    Have a great and memorable wedding!

  10. Hey Pia K, Hope you come by this way again!

    Lisa, I am thinking jewellery for the bridesmaids too! Just haven't found any yet!

    Hi Vegetable J , That is truly a spark of genius, I will see how things go!

  11. Wow Holler! I totally missed this somewhere! Congrats! And Cyprus! That is quite amazing! I am so happy for you and Graham!

    When is the wedding? We still haven't picked a date yet.....


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