I Could Walk 500 Miles....

So the Proclaimers said in their song!

I just hope they spaced it over a month and had good walking shoes and a cagoule!

Yesterday, myself and about 20 colleagues from work, walked from Broughty Ferry to Arbroath, approximately 17 miles/28 kilometers. We were walking in aid of Altzeimers Scotland, a very worthy cause!

The day went really well, we only had light drizzle, it was bucketing down the day before! We walked along a cycle route, across a beach, scrambled up sand dunes and walked through fields. I will not tell you about our unexpected rush along a railway track, all because we couldn't cross some water! It was very dangerous and stupid! However we survived, with wet feet and sore legs!

Here are some photos from our day:

The motley crew setting off!

A nice spot of weaving!

The cycle paths were quite busy with people walking their dogs and cycling, but the beach was very quiet. This man, with his boat, was one of the only people we did see.

This sign freaked us out a little! We were walking along beside MOD land, the red flags were flying and we could hear the popping of guns. A bit too close for comfort! Guns firing to one side of our path and golf balls flying at the other! Streuth! I am glad the path was clearly marked, although it was a bit like a bog at times!

This sign was welcome, as it meant we only had a couple of hours walking to go!

We stumbled into Ida's fine house and collapsed in her living room! We inadvertently left 2 of our party trawling through the streets of Arbroath lost. Whoops!

We were warmly welcomed by Carol, who presented us with a glass of wine! She had been slaving away all afternoon in the kitchen for us. We had burgers and sausages
(veggie for some) barbequed, on rolls, pasta salad, mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, coleslaw and piece de resistence, roasted vegetables, yum!

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me!


  1. How nice of you to do this walk.

    Thakns for stopping by my blog. Hijiki is a kind of seaweed.

  2. A great contribution Holler!!!Plus you get some great excercise and some lovely food and company along the way!!!!Kudos to you all for walking for such a great cause!!!!

  3. Just out of curiosity, is it always overcast in Scotland? I mean, is "pale" the national colour?

  4. good on you for doing the walk, holler - alzheimers is a sad disease the way it changes people!

  5. Holler walked 18 miles on Sunday but could hardly manage 2 steps on Monday, poor thing.
    Mapmaster, it's not always overcast here, quite often it's raining...

  6. Good for you, that is a wonderful thing!
    The pictures are lovely, even the 'horror' pictures of the MOD.

  7. beautiful pictures...the woven fence was amazing..I have never seen anything like htat

  8. Great job, Holler! Thanks for the lovely pictures. I hope you ate plenty after all that walking.

  9. great job doing this walk Holler!

    My grandmother died of this horrible disease, so it is something close to my heart!

  10. Hi Urban Vegan, Thanks for the tip!

    I loved having a sneaky peek through your cupboards!

    Hey Val, I was a great day out! I have raised £113 pounds, which is not bad, considering we were all asking a lot of the same people for sponsorship!

    Hi Mapmaster, It has been overcast and raining a lot this summer! Poor us!
    ps I have just finished reading Ordinary Jack, it was very good! Good old comfort reading!

    Hi Johanna, it really is such a sad disease, I agree! I hope it never touches any of our families!

    Graham, Thanks so much for sharing that! And yes folks, I was a bit stiff the next day, but it was worth it!

    Hi Lisa, I couldn't believe that sign, when I saw it as we were on public land! I did wonder if someone might jump out of the bushes and relieve me of my camera!

    Hi Marye, that woven fence was something else! I don't think it would have looked as good with anything other than wild grasses and flowers behind it!

    Hey AtxVegan, We had plenty to eat and drink!

    I am sorry to hear that Jenn, that must have been painful!


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