Stick to the Day Job!

Charlotte over at The Great Big Vegetable Challenge, emailed me to ask me if I wanted to join in some fun!

Charlotte and her children had hours of fun making vegetable faces, one rainy day and now she is challenging the rest of us to have a go!

Hope he counts! Technically he is a Salad Face.

I really do think I should stick to the day job!

You can view the other faces here.


  1. Perfect face. I love the colours.
    You see, I bet you felt better having made a face....therapeutic.
    Thank you very much for this!

  2. Hahaha! I love your salad face! You might have an alternate career goin there Ms. Holler.

  3. Hah! I wonder if you could build something like that, but to be served as part of a meal. Hmm....

  4. Hi Charlotte, Indeed, it was very therapeutic and fun!

    Hey Maya, Nice to hear from you! I think you exaggerate and I will definitely be sticking to the day job!

    Thanks Kalyn! Are you going to give it a try?

    Now you really must Wendy, since you have such a great vegetable garden!

    Go for it David, I await photographic proof though!

  5. You are just too funny !!!!! I checked out the other faces and they are so cool !

  6. What a great idea, I must try that with my children.

  7. Your veggie face is very colourful. Your kids at the library would love to make something like this!!! I like the portobello mushrooms for eyes. I saw this over at The Great Big Veggie Challenge. I think Charlotte & Freddie have something going there!!!!

  8. Glad you liked him!

    Charlotte has come up with such a good idea. It really cheers me up, when I go back to look at the faces again!

    Hope you are going to give it a go, Val!

  9. Love your veggie face!! Made me smile :-)
    Can I do that even if I don't have kids?

  10. your salad face actually look like a wonderful plate presentation.. bought a big smile on my face
    BTW even the greatest chefs in the world sometimes end up cooking the same thing again and again. I too turned vegetarian and ever since then my menus at the restaurant have become more and more vegetarian friendly


  11. Hi Vegan Noodle, glad it made you smile and of course you can try!
    Hi Valentina, I actually found it quite hard to make anything decent, resembling a face!
    Hey Ritu, Thanks for visiting! Glad to hear that your menus are veggie friendly and I like your idea for a little black book!

  12. I really like the face - very creative. Maybe people should post their versions of their veggie faces.

    Threerooms - Design and Branding

  13. Hi, Chris, I am waiting to see some others!


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