The Sun Has Arrived


I made some gorgeous spicy bean burgers last night, from a Rose Elliott cookbook. They were really tasty! We ate them with salad and crusty bread.

Unfortunately I had a senior moment and forgot to take a photo! This has never happened to me once since I started blogging!

Should I be worried?

I decided to tell you about my great day out in the sun instead!

It was such a beautiful morning that we decided to head out, down the cycle route on our bikes. Through villages, and woods, past fields and churches, we will just bypass the part where the route cut down the side of a dual carriage way!

We sat on a hilltop overlooking the Silvery Tay (the river not the chip shop!) and ate lunch! We had sandwiches filled with falafel, yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes and salad. I spread the bread with some of Lisa's Vegetarian Caesar Salad Dressing and drizzled a little sweet chilli sauce over the falafel, it was yummy!

This sandwich was so good, that I was inspired to add a sandwich survey to my blog!

The falafel sandwich is in the lead, as I write this post, with Peanut Butter and Jam in second place! It will be interesting to see how it progresses!

Let me know if you have a favourite sandwich filler?
It is always good to have new ideas!


  1. Bean burgers sounds great! I'm a bit of a bean freak, truth be told.
    Tried to vote for the brie option but it wouldn't accept my vote! Will try again later.
    Perhaps not the thing to say on a vegetarian site (hope you don't take offence) but my absolute favourite is roast beef and mustard. But the beef must be warm and the bread must be brown. :)

  2. That's ok Wendy, you are allowed to share your own favourite!
    I will make the bean burgers again and try not to be such a drip next time!
    Don't know what happened to your vote! I know it will only allow you to have one vote, but apart from that, I am new to it. Good choice though!

  3. Senior moment, oh that's a keeper word for sure:)

    My favourite filling is probably grilled halloumi with veggies. The falafel sandwich sounds yum!

  4. lol. "Senior moment". Love it. Must use that the next time I get the urge to use the term "brain fart".

  5. Falafels are one of my favourites Holler. I say everything is my favourite don't I...but I just love food period!!!I love falafels in a wrap usually with my mainstay sauce tzatziki and some veggies. I voted for the falafels on your poll!!!

  6. All of those sandwiches sound yummy. But I must admit that I only have had the PB&J! So you have given me something new to do at lunch!
    Your outting sounded so fun! You are lucky to have such pretty sights close to you!

  7. I have been eating lots of falafel sandwiches for lunch lately but Monday they were out so I had a potato and spinach roti wrap which was excellent and I wanted another today but none available so had to return to my falafel habits! Falafels are great but I can be swayed :-)

  8. The pictures of food are making me hungry, I am drooling over my computer.

    Threerooms - Design and Branding

  9. Holler, my post today is for you!

  10. Yummy looking sandwich. I can just picture the bean burgers...mmmm.
    My vote went to the classic pb&j!

  11. Skip the peanut butter: ALMOND butter! WAY better!

    I may have had a senior moment or two ... but I forget.

  12. Lovely as always Holler. What a creative use of my Caesar salad dressing. I'm looking forward to the recipe for the bean burgers.

  13. Hi Pia, Oh boy, oh boy, do we love Halloumi here! I would defintely vote for your sandwich!
    Hi,Katrina, Graham sure did laugh at the phrase 'brain fart'. I didn't, I am too refined (ha ha!)!
    Hey Val, falafels in a wrap with tzatziki and some veggies, sounds utterly fabulous! I vote for that too!
    Winedeb, I am blown away by your paintings, thank you for adding them!
    Oh Yum! potato and spinach roti wrap, sounds so good too, Johanna, recipe please!
    Hi Brandorama, thank you for visiting, couldn't really find you on your site, although it looked 'top drawer'! But you make me sad, because I have a good friend called Alex in Nottingham, who I miss so much!
    Vegan Noodle, the classics are still the best!
    Hi, David, Almond butter? What do you have it on a sandwich with, peanut butter? Sounds intriguing!
    Lisa, I am so addicted to that dressing!

  14. You replace the peanut butter with the almond butter, and still put jelly or whatever on top! It's way way better than peanut butter! And it lowers cholesterol a bit more, too. :)

  15. I have them often. My personal Senior Moments usually happen when I have had a glass or three of wine....

  16. I go through phases. Currently I am really into tosted pitta with fresh cherry tomatoes, sprinkled salt and coriander leaves. to finish it off just a drizzle of olive oil.

  17. ciao, nice to meet you my name is jenni, I am a vegan and I have a blog too. I happen to post the same pink flowers... but I'm in Italy! :) strange...


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