BBQ Bananas with Demerara Sugar and Whipped Cream

BBQ Bananas with Demerara Sugar and Whipped Cream

The sun is out, so out came the BBQ, which has been in hibernation for about 4 months, because it has rained so much this summer.

I wanted to share our dessert with you.

This is a veritable feast of a dessert! You just put bananas onto the BBQ, skins on and leave them until they go black and start to split.

This can also be achieved in the microwave (if you live in Scotland). Just open them up and use the skin to hold your dessert. Sprinkle with brown sugar, which turns into toffee sludge as it melts and serve with cream. You can add some rum to it if you like, my dad likes rum in his!

Tonight we started with Vegetarian Caesar Salad from Lisa's Kitchen, We followed this with veggie sausages on finger rolls with mustard and relish. Graham basted the sausages with Jerked Honey Rum Glaze. Yes, Graham cooked!

A spot of manly firing up the barbeque and chargrilling some food and he is happy. Very tasty it was too!

Thanks for the glaze recipe Ruth!


  1. Hi, Just wanted to drop by and say how much I love your blog. I was interested to see that you rate the "World Vegetarian Classics" book highly - I couldn't get way with it myself. Not that I want to encourage you to buy more books but have you got "New Vegetarian" by Celia Brooks Brown? It's fab! I looked at the link you gave to the meatless BBQ and was surprised by one of the comments on there about poulty - doh! Then again, I live in Perth Australia (having moved from the UK) and NOBODY here is a veggie. You hardly even get veggie options on a menu. One day when I mentioned that I was a veggie, someone asked me "what religion is that" ... just a little behind the times ...

  2. Hi Holler, this is a terrific dessert. I love grilled bananas. yummm!

  3. Hi Nadine, Nigel and Anna,
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I do have New Vegetarian, it is very good too! Although I seem to be eschewing my recipe books, in favour of recipes from the blogosphere just now! And lots of easy recipes, as I am always very busy!
    Try going back to Cook Sister at the end of the month when the line up of entries should be posted! I don't think it is usually a good site for veggies!
    Poor you, struggling to find veggie food, I am glad to say that isn't often a problem here in Scotland.

    Hi Nora, Thanks!

  4. Never thought to bbq bananas... what a cool idea!! And so simple. Mmmmmmm

  5. That idea is just delicious, Holler!
    I love desserts with bananas!

  6. Hey you know I am not a vegetarian but I grew up with a dad who was then and is now. I am not opposed to eating healthily. My favourite vegetarian cookbook is Rebar by a restaurant of the same name in Victoria, British Columbia. You might be able to get it since you work in a library. I don't know. I use a LOT of their recipes. By the way since I am being bad today I would have thrown in a few pieces of chocolate with your banana. I don't have an upcoming wedding. Wink..wink...

  7. Barbecued bananas sounds so good.

  8. OMG!
    I feel hungry after this post...
    This looks delicious...
    Warm greetings from Chile.
    Keep blogging!!!

  9. Hey Vegan Noodle They do taste good and it is so easy, just to through them on, no prep required!

    Hey Patricia, Me too, but I am usually to full by dessert, to order anything starring bananas!

    Hi Val, I have taken note of that cookbook, I will try to get hold of it! Thank You!

    Hey there Kevin, They are sooo good!

    Hello Eduardo, Greetings straight back at you from Scotland! Thanks for visiting!

  10. Hi Holler - I am back now from a week long traveling excursion to get home. But now I am back in Key West and playing catch up with my blogging friends.
    I agree with Valli - we called them banana boats when I was growing up (I refuse to tell you when that was)and we would grill the bananas but first we would peel one strip down the banana, stick pieces of chocolate right into the banana, lay marshmellows on top of the chocolate and wrap the whole thing in foil. Then place on the grill till hot. When you open the foil, lots of yummy goo and you scoop and eat! Oh to die for!

  11. Hi Deb, Glad you got back safely!
    Putting chocolate in the bananas, just sounds wicked, I have to try it next time. I will use really really dark chocolate with a crisp snap!

  12. Hi there Holler!
    Your bananas look delicious!
    And you have some great vegetarian recipes on your blog - which I'm always on the lookout for!

  13. Delicious!1 #i love bananas when cooked/baked/grilled/barbecued..

  14. It's recipes like this that make me wish I liked bananas! They are so good for you and so versatile... and I have disliked them intensely ever since I was a baby. C'est la vie. Looks amazing, though, and I love the BBQ shot just to prove you used it ;-) It has been a lousy summer for BBQs, I agree... Thanks for joining in with WTSIM and hope to see you back again in future :)


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