Weird Wine Bottle No.2

I seem to have a knack for picking up weird looking bottles of wine! At least it was intentional this time!

I have been drinking J P Chenet Cinsault Grenache Rose for years and didn't even notice that it had a squinty neck until I took a photo of it for my blog!

This time I was attracted to a seriously strange shaped bottle of Bulgarian wine, a 2004 Blueridge Cabernet Sauvignon. I can only think that the company is trying to emulate the blue ridge mountains that lie directly behind the winery!

It was very enjoyable! It is matured in oak barrels and is described as tasting of blackberry and vanilla! Well I can go with that!

Disclosure: I was not sent this wine to review, I bought it myself.


  1. Your Blueridge sounds interesting. My Mike loves cabs. Where are the Blue Ridge Mountains that you are speaking about?? The ones here in the US? Or do you have a set over your way??

  2. Hi Deb, These blue ridge mountains are in bulgaria!
    We have munroes! Good walking mountains!


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