Yoga and Being Greedy!

No, the two are not connected!

We had a monthly night out after yoga and way too much yummy food was consumed!

That is me doing yoga!

I wish!

Well maybe it's not me, but I did go to yoga after work and it was great! A very good workout and a feeling of calm, gradually filling me up! We have a great teacher and she only tries to kill us occasionally!

Once a month, we go out after yoga for a meal. We have had a few disasters, with bad meals, but last night we went to Adam's house and had a wonderful time!

We all took a dish along, most of them were vegetarian dishes (I have very considerate friends!). My favourite dish was a chickpea curry, which was bursting with flavours! Craig brought this dish, he is a great cook and I always enjoy his offerings! He actually started a blog and this curry was the very first dish! Unfortunately, he found he didn't have the time to keep it up, but I would heartily recommend trying it!

I took along a simple pasta salad with pea pesto, feta and cashew nuts. I was home too late the night before to make anything more time-consuming, fortunately the pea pesto only takes minutes to make and is lovely!

I ate way too much! But it was all so tasty and I had worked up a hunger with my yoga class!

We started off drinking Pimms, lethally fruity! And moved on to the wine. Well actually I spied a nearly empty bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, I swiped it quick! It is my favourite white. I was recommended it by Wine Deb and can't find anything else to beat it! Unfortunately, it is a little pricey, but I treat myself now and again.

It was a cool evening, but Adam had patio heaters, so we were able to stay outside all night and enjoy his garden! I declined getting into the hot tub, but it did look great, all the steam rising in the cold night air! I am such a wuss! Maybe next time!

Anyway a good time was had by all! Even the dogs, who found it very exciting having company around!

Roll on next month and another night out!


  1. Sounds like a great group of friends!! They even make vegetarian for you....true friendship. I will have to try the pea pesto; it sounds very versatile!

  2. Hi Val, They are indeed, good friends and you should definitely try the pea pesto!

  3. Too fun! You should have gotten in the hot tub!!!! I adore them. Your food spread looks so yummy. Who made the pinwheels and what did they have in them. I love those little, just pop in your mouth dishes. Yoga - I probably need to do that.

  4. I think I will forgo the yoga and stick with the food!

  5. I can do that, (the greedy bit not the yoga bit)!

    Sounds like a great night with delicious food


    you passed on the hot tub?????

  6. Hi Deb,
    It was a cold night, I really didn't fancy going into the tub, well more the getting out into the cold air afterwards!
    The pinwheels, looked pretty, bu they were fishy, so I stayed well away from them!
    Give yoga a try, it makes you feel great!

    Hi Marye , ok then! I will wait, you will succumb!

    Hi Beccy, I know, I know!

  7. yum looks delicious - a civilised way to do yoga with a fine spread afterwards

  8. At least you ate lots of healthful food. It all looks fabulous. What a wonderful idea to have a potluck after yoga class. I pretty much bombed out at yoga - just not my thing, but I still have a go at it every now and then.

  9. Hi Johanna,
    I thought it was civilised too! Especially when we were drinking Pimms!

    Hi Atxvegan, Don't worry if the yoga is not right for you!

  10. Hi Holler,
    The oster Bay Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favourite white wines from NZ. Just for comparison sake, when it's on special, it costs AU$15. It usually retials for about AU$19-21. I also love the pinots from NZ.

  11. That pea pesto sounds soooo good, nice piccie too! :)

    I really miss a regular yoga class, I make do with occassional session at the Buddhist Temple down the road, and practise at home each morning.

    Nice to meet another Scottish blogger with a passion for pasta. Have you seen the new book 'Fagioli'? I've been tempted to buy it as most of my meals are bean based.

    Read you soon,


  12. Hi Nora, I don't think I have every had a New Zealand wine that I haven't enjoyed! The same can't be said for France, I have had some stinkers from there!

    Hi Judith, You are sooo good! Practising every morning! I cannot claim the same!

    I haven't seen the cookbook, Fagioli, but now you have mentioned it, I will have a snoop at it on Amazon!

  13. Fagioli: The Bean Cuisine of Italy , sounds good huh?

    Thanks for recommending that Judith! Do you know the author Judith Barrett, has a website? There are a few recipes on there!

  14. Now thats what I call a buffet.

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