Bring on the Chilli!

Deb did a great post called Harvest Time in Key West with Chilies, with lots of interesting chilli pepper information and some great photos.

For example, did you know that, the more you eat chilli in food, the more immune you become to the heat and so you have to keep adding more peppers, to enjoy that same powerful kick?

I decided it was time for me to brave my jalapeno plant and harvest some of the fruit!

I am afraid I didn't try anything very adventurous!

I made chilli and served it on flour tortillas with sour cream and salad leaves.

Now, don't get me wrong, it was delicious! I have found that adding some dark chocolate makes a real impact on the taste of the chilli. It adds such a depth of flavour and tones down the flavour of tomatoes! So I was happy with our meal and Graham really enjoyed it.

And, I found a great recipe for Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers with Goat's Cheese over at Lisa's Kitchen. How good do they sound?

That will take care of some of my peppers, but I need some help! What shall I do with the rest of the crop? All good vegetarian ideas will be gratefully accepted!


I passed my Open University short course! (short course, those 4 months, felt like at least 4 years!) What I want to know is how does anyone manage to work full time and study? If they have a family too, then I am flabbergasted and award a gold star :)


  1. Salsa!

    Sorry, I don't really have a recipe.

  2. I could give that a go Kalyn and just wing it! I would be thinking, finely diced shallots, chopped tomatoes, finely diced Chilli Pepper. Am I missing something here, It doesn't sound quite right!

  3. That looks really good Holler. It just occurs to me that you might like the Jalapeno pie I made a while back. It uses lots of chilies and baking them reduces the heat.

    Your idea for salsa is sounding good. I'd also add some parsley or cilantro, lime juice and a dash of cayenne and a bit of pepper and salt.

    Let me know how the stuffed jalapenos turn out if you try the recipe.

  4. You can simply preserve any extra jalapenos in white vinegar--either whole (pricked with toothpicks) or chopped. Put in a jar, and pour white vinegar to cover. They keep for a long time safely this way.

  5. I love the addition of the chocolate in your chili. You could try making "chili poppers" with your chilies from your garden. They are stuffed with feta or a cheese mixture and then breaded and baked or fried. I'm sure you could Google a recipe quite easily.I will look and send you a link if you like because it has been a while since I made them.(In the salsa you also add sweet peppers for bulk).

  6. Ok, so I will sound like a crazy person: I work full-time, take two classes a semester,teach Spinning part-time, run, and am married and have an 8 year-old and 5-year old.
    I am lucky I have an awesome husband, and we make sure to schedule ahead (even workouts.) I try to be very organized with menu planning, etc. or I easily get too stressed. It's all about time management and being able to let the little things go(like cleaning! :)
    You can seed the peppers, slice them and freeze them for winter!

  7. Holler! Your jalapeno's look great! In your chili, besides chocolate, put just a touch of cinnamon. Not much! It gives it another dimension!
    My salsa:
    Lots of tomatoes
    Roasted red and green peppers
    Red onion
    Jalapeno pepper
    Olive oil
    A splash of red wine vinegar
    A pinch of sugar
    Very easy and our favorite!

  8. That great, you are growing your own chilies. Adding dark chocolate to the chili sounds interesting. I will have to try it.

  9. Chilli looks delicious.
    We will try this. I think Freddie might agive it a miss!
    (Hot food isnt his forte)

  10. Hi Holler
    Loved reading your post, I have just packed up work (two weeks ago) and am going back to Uni on Monday(Hoooray) but before that I did my A levels while working full time and it was not much fun at all, so I know how u feel:-)
    X Matin

  11. Oooh - lovely chillies!
    We have grown a ton this year and I am always on the lookout for new ideas to use them up. I like to stuff them with cheese and freeze them.
    Congrats on passing your Uni course!

  12. Freeze them! Not only do they keep marvelously, freezing them helps to make it easier to cut them without taking your fingers off! If you don't run out by next year, then grow a different variety & just keep on using the jalapeños!

    Stir Fry is also a good home for them, or you could make chutney....

  13. Congratulations on passing!!! It must be such a relief that it's over.

    I know all about being immune to the chili kick. My tolerance is so high and it sometimes scares the people around me when I am eating chilies at Thai restaurants! I don't care - I need my chili kick! ;-)

  14. Hi Lisa, Wow, that jalapeno pie sounds amazing, but I will have to work up to it, my mouth isn't used to it yet remember!
    Hi Mrs W, I will note that done, thank you!
    Hi Val, I am liking the thought of those chilli poppers! Yum!
    HeyLisa, I bow down to your superior time-management skills and take heed! Wow, I can't believe you fit all that in!
    Hi Deb, I will definitely try adding cinnamon to my chilli, that sounds a really good idea! Oh and thanks for the salsa recipe!
    Hey Kevin, You should maybe try Deb's trick of adding cinnamon too!
    Hi Charlotte, I can sympathise with Freddie, I am only slowly working up the hot food ladder, a little chilli at a time!
    Hey Matin, Good luck with Uni! Thanks for stopping by!
    Hi Nicisme Cheese filled then frozen, sounds even better!
    Hi David, I am going to try freezing some, but chutney does sound like a good idea, so there may be none left to freeze!
    Hi Nora, Thanks for the congrats, i am just glad it is all over! You are a chilli fiend, I think!

  15. On the hottness scale how hot is it? Im wondering since your using green chili's.

  16. If you want we've a huge pot coming - a pressure canning vessel, actually - and would be happy to can some chutneys with / for you. :) It's one of the things we're going to miss this year otherwise, you know?

  17. Your chili looks wonderful :)


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