Dundee Flower and Food Festival 2007

Day 1

This festival is held every September, over a three day period. It is based in the city's Camperdown Country Park and this year it attracted over 27,000 people!

Among the many attractions, there were cookery demonstrations, a craft and jewellery fair, flower and vegetable growing competitions, flower arranging, a children's activity marquee, science experiments, a clydesdale horse(!) and many many food stalls!

Of course, you know where I spent all my money, don't you?

I was helping out in the children's marquee, making dragon masks, so I missed out on the cookery demonstrations, but I did get a good look around!

On day 1, I bought a couple of delicious truckles of handmade cranberry cheese from the nice man at the Bexton Cheese stand.

Bexton cheese is handmade and waxed in a farmhouse in Knutsford. There is something amazingly satisfying in opening a cheese, which is encased in wax. A much more pleasurable experience than opening the poor sweating cheese in plastic, that is found in most supermarkets!

I also picked up couple of extraordinarily pretty bottles of Fortant White Merlot from Patrick at Aitken Wines.

Patrick certainly knows his stuff when it comes to a good bottle of wine. I am now hooked on Fortant!

Cork'd , gave the Fortant White Merlot as healthy score of 90%, but I would score it much higher! It has a taste of strawberries and is just too easy to drink on a warm Summer's night!

More please!

So ended a lovely day out, the sun shone and my feet ached, so all I could do was go home and curl up on the couch with some cranberry cheese and oatcakes, accompanied by a large glass of Fortant White Merlot!



  1. We haven't a similar festival here. I would have loved to attend!!! I have tagged you for a MEME Holler. I know we get plenty of these but I did not know anyone out in the blogosphere who began with the letter "E". There are only so many hours in the day for blogging and you have a wedding to plan, so participate only if you care to.

  2. Great post Holler! I love food festivals and markets, like you said it's a lot more exciting than going to the supermarket, and it supports small businesses. Fair play for the write-up.

  3. Hi Val, you would have had a fun day. Thanks for tagging me, I am working on it! I want a new name so I can have better letters!

    Hi Hellojed, Hope you managed to see the photos before they died!
    I will try to sort it out tonight!

  4. Looks like the perfect place to spend a day (or four!)
    At least you wouldn't go hungry.

  5. I think that weekend is one for the books! Sounds fun!!! I love the mask and your wine looks and sounds devine! When I was in Ohio this summer, there was a lady that made goat cheese from her own goats. She wrapped her cheese in beeswax from the hives that she has on her farm. It was all just perfect and tasted wonderful! Even though the cheese was encased in wax, when you purchased the cheese from her she placed it inside this wonderful little waxy paper bag that was made with recycled paper. What a perfect touch.
    So glad you had a great time!

  6. Hi Lisa, Definitely wouldn't go hungry as there was lots of food tasting at each stand!

    Hi Deb, How organic was that! That sounds great! She sounds like a hard working lady!

  7. Those cheeses look delicious, I'm drooling here.

  8. Hi Beccy, I only have one truckle left, I wish I had bought more! I will savour the last one!


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