Sandwich Poll

31 of you took part in the sandwich poll!

1st Prize Falafel, Pepper and Tomato
2nd Prize Sundried Tomato, Pesto and Mozzarella
3rd Prize Peanut Butter and Jam/Jelly

The booby prize goes to egg and cress, with only one vote! I think that must have been a sympathy vote!


  1. To be honest, being from the States, I've never heard of some of those combinations, so even though they might have sounded intriguing, I couldn't in all honesty vote for them because I've never tasted them. They all sounded good!

  2. Yeah I second that from north America.. I have never had an egg and watercress sandwich. :(

  3. My favourite was the brie but my computer wouldn't let me vote. Can't vote for this one either! Just as well though: you don't have a "whatever's going" option. ;)

  4. Hi Elizabeth, You should give some of them a go!

    Hey Katrina, Don't be too alarmed by the egg and cress! It is hard boiled eggs, mashed up. Usually with a little mayonnaise or salad cream. It is childhood comfort food here. But to be honest, we all get a bit bored with it. Especially us vegetarians, who sometimes have little choice, except from egg and cress!

    Hi Wendy, Good choice, especially on a crusty bread!
    Was the 'whatever's going' for the wine? I sometimes feel like that! They are all good! I should have added an 'all of the above' option to my drinks quiz!

  5. I missed that poll and I love egg sandwiches!

  6. Hi Beccy, Mayonnaise, salad cream or nude? (the egg of course!)

  7. The egg and cress sounds like what we call egg salad sandwich, just with cress. I often put some kind of greens in my egg salad. Which I do love, especially on homemade toasted bread! Mmm....maybe I need to go make myself one right now. Oh, and I have hens which produce the best eggs!

    But beetroot and cheddar (we call beetroot just beet)--I've never had beets together with cheddar at all. I might have to try that! How would you fix that?

  8. Hey Elizabeth, How cool is that, having your own hens!

    I am afraid the beetroot on the sandwich is pickled, baby beets! It gives the sandwich a lovely tang!


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