Cat Gallery

We always meet lots of cats on holiday, they seem to know there are cuddles on offer and make a bee-line for us! It helps making a new feline friend or two, when you are missing your own cats!

This rather large fellow wasn't too interested in cuddles, he just decided that my lap was where he wanted to sit. Maybe I was sitting in his seat! My legs went numb before he decided to get down and I was a little nervous of asking him to move!

Last, but not least, was the teeniest little kitten, that Sara just fell in love with!


  1. Oooooooooooooooh, I luv kitties!!!!!!! Those are some great pics! :)

  2. So sweet indeed, great to have the opportunity for a cat cuddle when on holiday! :)

    Even though the way cats, animals, are treated in too many parts of the world definitely leaves a lot to be desired...

  3. So sorry to hear you feeling under the weather Holler!!Love the cat pics though. They would put a smile on your face with all the wonderful memories as well!

  4. Those kitties are so sweet!
    Hope you are feeling better. I just got over the same thing. It lasted over 2 weeks with me and it was making me crazy! I could not taste my wine!!!!! Just now starting to get back in the groove! Take care Holler!

  5. Hi Veggie Cookster, me too, I am definitely a cat person!

    Hi Pia K, you are right about the animals, the cats are politely ignored in Cyprus and many dogs are abandoned there. The Brits seem to take them all in.

    Hi Amanda, I am still under the weather with the cold, I hope it will leave me soon! Hope you are ok!

    Hi Val, yeah the cats were great. Cats always make me smile!

    Hi Deb, I am glad you are feeling better! It is rotten felling poorly, but even worse it you can't taste food or wine!

  6. adorable! I feel they\ pics should all have captions or have I just been over at too much?!

  7. I see what you mean Scottish Vegan, that is a mad site!


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