A Good Day

I have had a good day today! Although I am still poorly with a chest infection, I still had a great day!

My mum came over to visit me, to see how I was doing! It was lovely to spend the day with her! We had a tasty mushroom and homegrown tomato omelette for lunch and then she sampled one of my pear and ginger muffins with her tea. We chatted all day long and before she left, she got stuck into my ironing pile for me (she can't sit still for long), thanks mum!

I also had some exciting mail today, a new quilt set for our bedroom, a new turkish rug (it may not be Turkish as it is from Next, but it looks great all the same) and a little parcel of quince paste from Wendy at A Wee Bit of Cooking. I jokingly asked her if she had any left and she sent me some. How brilliant is that?

So on to the point of my ramble! I had a visit to my friend Val's blog and there was an intriguing post about a spa couch potato trip she is going on, (I definitely want to know more about that) and then she finished off her post with a medal ceremony, where she awarded me a Nice Matters Award!

And so it does!

So I would like to pass the award on to a few of my good blogging friends, who I am lucky enough to receive emails from as well as great posts!

Val - More Than Burnt Toast (Right back at you Val!)
Lisa - Lisa's Kitchen (My best buddy)
Wendy - A Wee Bit of Cooking
David - Hobbits Abroad
Jen - Little Bird Eats


I am off to cuddle a cat and read a recipe book now!

A super-duper day!


  1. Thank you, Holler! Hope you enjoy the membrillo.
    Get well soon.

  2. Thanks Holler! That's such a lovely award - you've made my day :-)

    Lingering chest infections - urgh. Stubborn things to shift sometimes but hot whiskeys sometimes help ;-) Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. That's ok Wendy! I am going to put my thinking cap on for the membrillo! Isn't that just the best word?

    Hi Jen, Glad you are pleased!

    I will hint to Graham about the whiskey, is that doctor's orders?

  4. You are so sweet Holler. Thanks very much. Expect some treats in the mail from me soon.

  5. Absolutely! A drop or two of Jameson's whiskey will do the trick!

  6. Hi Lisa, You are such a pal!

    Thanks Jen, I will tell Graham I have been advised!

  7. Congrats on your award and your good day, hope you are feeling better.

  8. Feel better, Holler. You're such a positive soul, smiling and expressing gratitude even when you're not feeling well.

  9. Thanks Urban Vegan. I am feeling better today, so I am going to go out for some fresh air! It looks like a lovely crisp day outside.

  10. It is certainly sad to hear that the cold has worsened into an infection...but aren't moms great!!! It is sometimes nice to be child again and have homecooked meals, great conversation and a hug!

  11. Cheers to your mum for the nice visit! Sorry to hear you are still a bit under the weather. My cold, flu or whatever it was lasted a few weeks also. Take good care of yourself! Soup, tea, and yes, a bit of whiskey will do the trick!

  12. Hi Val, my mum's visit certainly cheered me up!

    Hi Deb, I am glad you are out from under your cold now!

  13. What a great and well deserved award!! Hope you're feeling better now. I wish someone would come round and do my ironing for me...that's what I should really be doing now, instead of surfing the net!!

  14. Hi Scottish Vegan, Have a glass of wine, while you iron, I find it helps! Of course someone else doing it for you is even better!


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