Local Produce in Cyprus

We went to a farmer's market, held in a car park, on the first Wednesday after we arrived. We unfortunately missed it the following week, as we were getting married (very bad scheduling on my part)!

The sights and sounds made a wonderful cacophony! There was a lot to take in. Glorious jewel-like colours everywhere you looked!

The peaches were huge, juicy and very, very sweet. I enjoyed one of those when I got back to the house, sitting by the pool in the sun.

I also bought some fresh herbs, green beans and garlic. I knew we would be eating out, so I didn't want to buy too much. I was very restrained!

It was such a very hot day, I was very glad that most of the stalls had canopies. Even though I was in the shade, I still managed to glug down a whole bottle of water as I browsed around.


I am so jealous of those of you who have such a joy on a regular basis! It beats trailing around a chilly supermarket, looking at unripe produce!

This is the local village salad, with very ripe, unctuous, bright red tomatoes, the best you have ever tasted! Even the cucumber had some flavour.

Oh, I just want to go back!


  1. It's funny how everything always tastes better when you are on vacation! It also tastes better when someone else cooks it for you as well!!!When mom & dad were in Britain in the fall they said the produce and food there were 10X better than what we get here...it's all relative.Great post by the way and the produce does look amazing!!!!!

  2. Me? I just want there to be that many peppers / capsicum over here!

  3. Lovely photos - and, as you say, unfortunate scheduling ;) .. but you'll know for next time, to maximise market shopping days

    Joanna x

  4. WOW Holler, look at those peppers!! I have never seen that many peppers in one place at the same time ever! I really miss the farmers market that I got to go to when I was up north this summer. Now I am back to the grocery store again also. Great photos!

  5. It's very hard to show restraint when all that glorious food is around.

    I've posted the soup recipe you asked for on my blog! Hope you like it!

  6. Those peppers look fantastic, I just love to browse around foreign food markets!
    I like the way they cut the cucumber on your salad.

  7. Hi Val, I know you are so right, food on holiday always seems better! But I think it quite often is better, because it is usually local produce that is picked ripe.
    Hey David, Me too!
    Hi Joanna, I hope that is going to be a one off!
    Thanks Deb! When do you head up north again?
    Hi B36Kitchen, Thanks for the posting the soup recipe , I think it is going to be a good one!
    HeyNicisme, I think a slicer, that cuts cucumber like that is one of the few gadgets I don't have!

  8. Love the photos :-)

    It was the same when we were on honeymoon in Italy last year - everything looked so fresh and delicious!

    My husband did a sterling job in persuading me that I really didn't need to take home the entire Mercato Centrale in Florence... There's a reason I married him!

  9. Hi Jen, Graham has to be the sensible one in our relationship, well when it comes to shopping anyway. I came home with 2 new pairs of shoes, but I am sure that if Graham wasn't there, it would have been a full suitcase!
    Bet you had a fabulous time in Florence!

  10. Wooo, that sure beats the farmer's market in Edinburgh!!


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