Mini Muffin Pizzas

quick pizza recipe

Graham took pity on me, feeling poorly and ventured into the kitchen to make these lovely, little mini pizzas.

First he fried some onions and mushrooms in a little olive oil. Then he split the muffins in half and toasted each side. Next, Graham spread the muffin bases with tomato puree, topped them with the mushrooms and onions and covered them in mozzerella, before popping them back under the grill, until the cheese was melted and golden.

I have added a picture of the muffins for anyone horrified at the thought of a sweet muffin made into pizza! The white muffins we have here are not quite the same as the puffy, sponge delicacies filled with blueberries or chocolate chips found elsewhere in the world, they are more like the consistency of a dense scone.

Thank you Graham, they were just what I needed, they definitely hit the spot!


  1. It is so fun to find different ways to make a little pizza. I found a yummy one using pita bread. I will have to make them and include on a post.
    You are very lucky to have Graham to fix a bite for you while you are still under the weather. You go Graham!!!!
    I do hope you feel better soon Holler! I made veggie soup today and I surely wish I could bring some to you! Take care!

  2. Aw, thanks Deb, that soup would have went down nicely, pity you aren't closer!

    I am lucky to have Graham, I will pass on the thumbs up to him.

    Pitta bread sounds like a lovely light base for pizza, I look forward to that post!

  3. They look incredibly tasty, go Graham! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Oh, yes! At home we call those "English muffins," and they're basically used for toast -- and for mini pizzas! Tasty looking!

  5. My sister-in-law has been raving about these! Will have to try them sometime soon for lunch.
    Made pizzas using naan bread for a base for my nieces and nephews last week. A Nigella idea and it work fantastically well.

  6. Aw, what a SWEETIE! And, they look delicious, too! :)

    Thanks for the add... I'll do the same! :D

  7. Thanks Hellojed, me too!

    Hi Tanita & David, You are right! That is the name for the muffins. It escaped me today when I was looking for a recipe to link to for them! It was one of those 'on the tip of my tongue' momemnts!

    Hi Wendy, I just read that Nigella recipe today in Nigella Express and was going to give it a go, I am glad to know it works well!

    I thought your holiday in Glenbuckie House sounded great, what great photos!

    Thanks Jenny!

  8. The mini english muffin pizzas sound tasty.

  9. Lucky girl.

    I like that you got your camera out and photgraphed the work in progress Holler!

  10. Oooh, just what you need when you're feeling poorly - someone to wait on you hand and foot!!!!!!

  11. I agree. You are lucky to have Graham to share all aspects of your life with when you are not up to snuff. I hope you are feeling better soon!!! The cold weather is a coming and you need more comfort foods!!

  12. Graham is a good guy. My mom use to make those for me when I was a little girl. So comforting.

  13. In the US we call those English muffins, but I knew what you were talking about! My kids like to make pita pizzas. They make them whenever they're on their own for dinner.

  14. Hi Kevin, they were real good, you should give them a try, so quick to make. I like Wendy's suggestion of using naan bread as a base too!

    Hey Lucy, It had to be done! Graham doesn't venture into the kitchen very often, but to be honest, that is probably because I hog it!

    Hi Lynn, Do you think I could eck it out a little longer?

    I always need lots of comfort food Val, especially when I am feeling poorly. Your Onion Cheese Pie, puts the comfort into comfort foods!

    Hi Jenna, It was Graham's mum who showed Graham how to make these!

    Hey Elizabeth, yeah, I totally forgot what they were called, I think I was trying to claim them for Scotland and so, was actually ignoring their actual birthright!
    What resourceful children you have!

  15. Those do look good! I remember making something similar years ago. I am thinking I will have to make some again sooner than later.

    Hope you are feeling better soon Holler!

  16. Thanks Lisa! I hope you enjoy them then!

  17. Great idea! My oven is currently defunct so I can't make pizza the regular way. I will need to try this out one day soon!!

  18. Hi Scottish Vegan, Hope you get the oven fixed soon, it is awkward not having one!


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