What's a Pomelo?


That's what Graham and I asked, when we saw this giant pear shaped fruit in the supermarket! We couldn't wait to open it to see what was inside. When sliced in half, it looked like a cross between a blood orange and a grapefruit, very interesting!

Apparently, pomelos resemble grapefruit, but they are a species in their own right. They are an ancestor of the grapefruit, and not a hybrid. They are sometimes called shaddocks after the sea captain who brought them from Polynesia to the West Indies in the 17th century. They grow wild in Malaysia and Indonesia and the pomelo grew in China as early as 100 BCE. Here endth the history lesson!

Anyway, I have a stinking cold and a brand new juicer, so there was only one thing to do! I squeezed the living daylights out of the pomelo, some apples and an orange! Well, it looks like a blood orange, but it definitely tastes more like a grapefruit. It was tart enough to suck your lips together! So we wussed out and added some strawberries for sweetness!


  1. The juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C for that cold Holler. Oh my gosh I sound like my mother..hey wait...I am a mother!

  2. A great mom! Yes I will juice more! I have some mango and apples to juice today! Should be good!

  3. Just discovered these little, well not so little, gems a few months ago. I think they are a bit sweeter than grapefruit, but the pucker is still there! Great for your cold!

  4. oh we have pomelos growing wild here in the philippines too :)

  5. You are right Deb, full of vitamin C and not too sour!

    Hi Maya, It is such a gorgeous fruit!


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