30 Days to Christmas

I hope you didn't throw anything at the screen just then!
Maybe if I share some ideas with you you may relent!

Here are some of my ideas for Christmas presents:

For something a bit special, how about a piece of wooden art. Hand cut, painted and collaged by the super talented Gypsy and Twink.

This one is for the cooks among us, Mrs Beeton's Board Game.

I thought you might like these knitted cake tree decorations. Great if you are cutting down on calories!

Or how about a limited edition piece of artwork by Christopher Wright.

Then, there are these gorgeous Japanese fabric, covered bookmarks. Perfect for a stocking filler. Such a bargain price too!

Last, but not least, why not add that personal touch by making some of Nigella Lawson's Chocolate and Pistachio Fudge.

Hope you are all organised for Christmas! I am slowly getting there.

I wonder if I could bribe someone to do all the wrapping for me?


  1. I think that, at that point, it's called "pay," not "bribe." ;)

    Besides - these gifts are for other people?

  2. Nice assortment of wonderful ideas! I cannot believe Christmas is just a month away! My favorite part is wrapping the gifts and placing them under the tree. By that time my stress is over as to what to give everyone, it's done! If we lived closer, we could have a wine and cheese wrapping party!

  3. You are so right David, but I was thinking of using Graham as slave labour! Does that count, I cook nice things for him!

    Hi Deb, That would be so good! Do you actually have such a thing or did you just make it up to tempt me with? Sounds great to me! Although some of the wrapping might be a bit aquiffy toward the end, not to mention the person wrapping!

  4. Wow, where did the time go? There are already less that 30 days until Christmas...

  5. those gifts look great - much more cheerier than the countdown to christmas - we already have a tree in the city square and carols in the shops - just doesn't feel right when it isn't even December!

  6. Good ideas Holler.
    I want the Nigella chocolate thing - trouble is it would not make it into a present

  7. I wish I were on your Christmas list Holler. If I has my choice send me Nigella's pistachio fudge PLEASE!!!

  8. Love the Mrs Beeton board game! That's fantastic.

    As it happens, I've picked up the knitted muffin cake decoration for a friend :-) I found it in a shop called Avoca over here in Ireland, which is full of many other tempting goodies to buy for yourself, er, as Christmas presents I mean...

  9. Great ideas! Every year I say I'll have my shopping done early but I never do. I guess I enjoy panic mode!

  10. I love doing the wrapping, I volunteer...:)

    Oh those knitted cakes was especially adorable, must try and make some myself!

  11. Where did you find those knitted cake decorations? I just got a few candy ornaments I like, but no tree to hang them on yet. My favorite idea for someone you don't know what to buy is a pair of these massaging slippers I saw on Rachel Ray.
    Anyway, wanted to warn you about those jerk spammers at the fake nutrition and wellness blog. I'm not sure what they hope to gain by sucking people in, but it can't be good.

  12. I will do your wrapping if you finish my term paper. For the first time in years I am not even close to being ready for Christmas. I am done shopping before thankgiving most years.

  13. Hi Kevin, even worse, it has just hit december as I write this!

    Hi Johanna, I thought that it is good to have a few ideas!

    Hi Charlotte, you as right, that fudge is delicious!

    Hi Val, think it might melt into chocolate goo before it reached you!

    Hi Jen, see, we think alike!

    I think you should get started Atxvegn, panic is not good!

    You can come wrap my presents if you want Pia, they still aren't wrapped!

    Hi Jeanna, those massaging slippers sound good! The knitted decorations are from Bombay Duck, cute, aren't they?

    Hey Shayne, all of a sudden my wrapping seems more appealing! Good luck with that paper!

  14. Those oranments looks good enough to eat! THanks for posting some of your ideas. I am pretty much done shopping, just a few things. I'm going to be doing a big baking day in about a week and sending off cookies and biscotti to friends and family. Homemade always seems to be the best :-)


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