What do you love about Autumn?

So what do you love about Autumn?

Well, soup making and walking in the crisp air came tops in my poll, with 9 points each.

What I love the most about Autumn, is crunching through leaves on a crisp, cold day and then going home to a mug of really dark, hot chocolate!

I don't have any autumnal photos to show you, as my garden isn't very sure if it is Autumn yet!


  1. I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like autumn. The leaves are pretty--and I do like the food. But honestly, that's about it!

  2. Are you sad for the end of summer Urban Vegan?

  3. Walking in the crisp, cold air got my vote. Love it. Not so much when the sky is grey and soggy though! That's where the soup-making comes in... So I guess it all balances out :-)

  4. Oh I love Autumn, but it will arrive here sometime in January! There is never any "frost on the pumpkin" this far south. But that is OK as I can hop on a plane and head to Ohio if I need a fall fix. Holler, thank you for the photos of some flowers in your garden! I think we might even have the ones in your second photo. Enjoy while they are still there!

  5. The amazing colours and all lovely clothes, the fact that you can again indulge in loads of tea and candles.

  6. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I love crunching through the leaves, taking drives through the countryside, reading a good book all cozy by the fire, being wrapped in layers of wooly sweaters..the list goes on!Can't forget all the comfort food either!

  7. Fruitcake, pumpkin pie ... yes, all of the comfort food. But also (in California at least) the end of the blistering heat! The blessed end of having to weed the vegetable garden. Canning / preserving things for winter.

    Fall is a favorite.

    In Glasgow, though, they could rake up some of the leaves, as they've turned to mucky lumps in the sidewalks!

  8. I love the smell in the air and how everything just feels different and crisper! I love the food - it is the best time of year to eat. But summer never really ends here in Florida, which is why I am so glad we went bck to New England in October - I just would have been so sad otherwise! I think it is going to be a yearly tradition! :)

  9. You are so right Jen, you have to get out there on the good days and soup making is definitely fun on a wet November day!

    Hi Deb, You can live Autumn through us Scots until it arrives with you!

    Hi Pia, you paint an appealing picture!

    That sounds good too Val!

    You are right David, soggy leaves do not hold the same sort of appeal for walking through! You need that crunch underfoot!

    Sounds like a good tradition Jenn, wish I was there too!

  10. I love autumn.
    I was born in October and I'm very happy.
    Leaves, gray, frosted, dreams, agitation, cold, emotion, thought, yearning, dark, decoration, melancholy, sadness, the joy of a new beginning, a perfect season, beautiful, hot, cold, enemies, undecided, exchanger, dry.
    Season of thoughts, of melancholy, of discovery, the yearning deep of dreams unfulfilled.
    I love to curl up on the couch with a warm aromatic tea beside me


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