14 Days to Christmas

Here are some more ideas for Christmas gifts. It is nearly upon us!

How about a duct tape wallet! I kid you not, these adorable wallets are made from duct tape! There are several designs to choose from. They are $22 each over at Adorkable Crafts .

What about these cute nesting bird magnets. A snip at $7.50 over at Modishoppe.

Why not make some Summer Fruit Jam. Put it in a jar, add a pretty label and some ribbon. Voila, a homemade gift that is ready to give and it doesn't need to mature, like chutney. You can use frozen fruit for this jam, which makes it an affordable gift, made with love!

How about a limited edition linocut print for £45, by our very own Celia Hart, over at Purple Podded Peas blog.

Or a flip book of happiness. Simple animation at it's best and a great stocking filler. £3.95 from Muji.

I hope you have fun preparing for Christmas.

Disclosure: I did not recieve any of these products for review or recieve any payment. These are merely my suggestions.


  1. I want to be on your Christmas list Holler!!!! I LOVE it all!!

  2. I did the same thing on my blog! Isn't shopping fun?

  3. I love all of those ideas but the bird magnets in particular. How gorgeous are they? I think I can justify a present (or two) for myself to make up for all this strenuous present-buying business... :-)

  4. You have good taste Val, if I say so myself!

    I will go over and have a look Emiline!

    They are dead cute, aren't they Jen, you should definitely treat yourself!

  5. This stuff all is fantastic. I've been shopping a lot on Etsy this holiday season. Lots of fun things out on the web!

  6. All great ideas!! And how funny, I got my brother a duct tape wallet (from a shop on esty), they are so cute!


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