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I have adopted a blogger! Well, we have adopted each other! Yay! This is where you ask, what is she talking about?

Kristen from Dine and Dish, has started a blogging event called Adopt a Blogger. Her idea for the event is to team up veteran bloggers with newbies. In Kristen's words "The whole idea of this is to encourage new bloggers, support others with like minded interests, and hopefully build friendships within the food blogging community.".

Sounds like a good idea to me!

Let me introduce me to my match. Ashley from eat me, delicious.

Ashley is a fellow vegetarian from Vancouver and a daring baker to boot! And to prove her baking credentials, she has just made the most gorgeous Orange Berry Muffins. The lucky thing had a snow day yesterday, how good is that? I have never had a snow day, it sounds great!

Welcome to the fold Ashley!


  1. It is a great event! I am still waiting for my adoptee to contact me :(.

  2. Just got back from visiting Ashley and what a nice sight she has! Those muffins look wonderful!

  3. What a lovely idea :-) Will head over to the website and see if anyone else wants adopting!

    Those muffins look scrumptious... And I love the idea of a snow day. What a fantastic idea.

  4. what a great and generous idea - I like the idea of a blogging community and this makes it seem a nice place to be - will pop over and check out ashley

  5. Hi Val, It is a great idea, but if they haven't got in touch yet, maybe you should send Kristen an email, there may have been a mix up in details.

    Hi Deb, She does have a good blog, doesn't she? I have a feeling of maternal pride now! Her baking all looks great, nice photos too!

    Hi Jen, Cool! I hope you are matched up! You would be a good blog mum as would Val! Let me know what happens!

    Hi Johanna, It is a lovely idea, isn't it? Kristen has done really well and you are right about the lovely community we have, that is why I am still enjoying blogging!


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