Happy Non-Alcoholic New Year

Well, I did actually have a couple of glasses of red wine to see in the new year, but that's not too bad, is it?

Here is healthy start to 2008.

Whizz up 1 ripe mango, spoon into 4 tall glasses and top with ginger beer. Be careful because the ginger beer fizzes up quite quickly! This is a lovely refreshing drink and if you buy a fiery ginger beer, like I did, then just wait for the kick! Wow!

I hope 2008 is a happy and healthy year for you!


  1. Sounds tasty will have to try it! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Yvonne! It is a sweet fruity drink with a bite! Real tasty!

  3. A happy and healthy New year to you as well Holler!!

  4. Happy New Year Holler. I drank more than two glasses of red, though I was fairly well behaved, and my wakeup drink was coffee - not nearly as healthy as your delicious sounding beverage.

  5. Hope you had a fun night Val!

    Just can't get as liking for coffee at all Lisa! It smells good though! I will stick to fruit juice I think!

  6. And with some fiersy ginger beer left from New Year, this is exactly what I am going to make right now! Only with bananas as I've no mangoes.

    Happy New Year, all the best for 2008

    David x

  7. Ooh, I could do with one of those right now - the ginger kick would be most welcome. Have a fab new year :-)

  8. Hi David, were you drinking that fiery stuff on it's own?
    Mmm banana & ginger beer, it's worth a go, it will be a thicker brew!
    Happy New Year David!

    Thanks Jen! Happy New Year to you too!

  9. A great drink to start off the new year! Now I just have to find ginger beer....

  10. Well done you. I'm still slightly hungover! Love the sound of this. :)

  11. Do you not have ginger beer over there, Amanda?

    Hi Wendy, How are you? did you have a good skiing trip, not too many bruises I hope!

    Happy New Year to you both!

  12. Cheers Holler! Glad to hear you had a couple of red wines on New Years Eve! Those refreshing drinks look great! I will be trying those, especially since they include mango!
    Happy New Year!

  13. Hi Deb, I am really into fruit smoothies just now and I think I feel better for having them! One mango left. What to do with it?

  14. Looks good, definitely one to try.

  15. This looks so yummy Holler! I love ginger beer - but with the sweetness of mango to accompany it into the New Year? Now that is a stroke of genius! :)

  16. Happy New Year Holler, so glad I found your blog again.

    What a great recipe, love it. And so simple too.

    Hope all your dreams come true, hon.


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