E is for Excellent (someday!)

My good friend Val over at More Than Burnt Toast has awarded me an Excellent Blog Award. She is such a sweetie and a good friend too. I always enjoy catching up with her hectic life and her lovely Greek inspired food. There is always something new on her blog, she is way more dilligent than I will every be and she works 3 jobs!

Now I think it is going to be hard to pass this on to just 5 other bloggers, as there are so many good blogs and good friends out there. So here is my selection, a little more than 5, ahem!

The first has to go to Lisa at Lisa's Kitchen. My partner in crime and fellow host of No Croutons Required, a new monthly soup and salad challenge. Lisa's vegetarian food is always so good, that you just want a portion immediately!

Next I would like to award this excellent prize to my 2 lovely adoptees, Ashley from Eat Me Delicious, who bakes the most amazing treats and Mary at Starting from Scratch, whose blog has been a lovely surprise for me!

My fourth award, I give to Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe, who always makes me smile!

My fifth, but definitely not my last award goes to Wendy at A Wee Bit of Cooking! I am so jealous of the lovely dogs in her life and the lovely views she enjoys. All that and gorgeous food!

The next is to Jen at Little Bird Eats, who wants me to be fat, showing me all those yummy cakes! I am really looking forward to our day out Jen!

Lucky seven goes to Peter or Sneaky Pete as I like to think of him as, from Kalofagas - Pursuit of Delicious Foods, a blog filled with Greek goodness! He is so rude sometimes, but I just love him to bits, in spite of or maybe because of that!

Next up is my good friend Deb at Deb's Key West Wine and Garden. She makes me drool with her descriptions of the wines of the world and I just love her need to try every wine that has a quirky label!

Number nine goes to Amanada at Walking the Vegan Line. I so admire her newly aquired cake decorating skills! Her vegan recipes are tops too!

Ok, so now I have to go to 10, don't I?

The last, but definitely not the least goes to D & T at Hobbits Abroad. D & T hail from sunny California, but now live in not so sunny Glasgow. I just love their take on Scotland, it really does make me laugh! See you guys soon!

I could easily give out another 10, quite happily, however, I fear this post is going on and on and on.....


  1. OH NO you didn't just call me rude did you?

    Holler, you neglected to tell your readers I'm also a good sport since I tolerate all the verbal abuse from the Scottish Blogging Illuminati!

    Thank you so much for the mention,I'm flattered and encouraged to seek out the tastiest dishes for sharing on my blog.

  2. PS...when will we see a photo in your profile where your eyes are not closed? :)

  3. You are so sweet Holler. Thank you so very much for your continued friendship. I highly value it. Just think, if we didn't have food blogs, we never would have met, nor would I have had the opportunity to see your gorgeous pictures and tantalizing culinary creations.

    Much love,

  4. I think Peter M is best described as saucy :)

  5. You are always a good sport Peter, thats why I feel I can hound you, in such a spectacular fashion!
    Keep up the good work!
    And my eyes are always shut in photos, the red flash makes me blink!

    Ta Lisa, love you too!

  6. Nah, he is definitely rude at times, Lisa, wink, wink!

  7. yippee! my first ever blog award! thanks Holler. I am going to introduce you at my blog soon...it has been such a crazy month!

  8. Oh, Mary, don't, please! I still haven't thought up any decent questions! Maybe I will be inspired tomorrow! Yet more guilt!
    You deserve the award! I am glad you are pleased!

  9. Oh I am so touched!! My first ever blog award... I am beeming. Not sure I really deserve it but I will certainly try and live up to it from now on. I think I would have a hard time picking only a few as well, there are so many awesome bloggers out there.
    You are definitely one of them :-)

  10. Thanks Amanda, That was a lovely thing to say! I know what you mean about only picking a few, that was well hard and I even doubled up the number!

  11. I'm so glad you decided to pass the award along Holler. I know quite a number of your nominees and there are many new faces to me as well. 2008 is so far a great year:D

  12. Cheers Holler! Thank you for such a lovely award, I'm honoured :-)

    But dammit - you've sussed out my evil plan... I love cake and I want to take everyone down that calorie-laden road with me!

    Looking forward to seeing you in May :-)

  13. thanks for the award holler - I am glowing inside and blushing on the outside! it is always good to be praised and just makes blogging more fun :-)

    And am glad to see you being rewarded for a blog which is indeed a most excellent source of good humour, drool-worthy photos and fantastic recipes!

  14. What I just LOVE about these awards is the chance to catch up on so many other blogs I've never read!!! Thanks for the award, Holler! I shall now go and read 'saucy' man and discover what I can about vegan cakes...

    Oh, this could go very badly...!

  15. Well done Holler! And I've nominated you for another award: http://asliceofcherrypie.blogspot.com/2008/02/nice-matters.html

  16. Hi Val, It should be a good year, it has started off well! Now we just need a few more hours in each day!

    Hi Jen, I knew it! You are an evil temptress and I have little willpower!

    I am glad you are chuffed, Johanna! I do love your blog!
    Thank you for glowing review!

    Go on, be good to yourself T! Oh, dear, I am giving Peter quite a reputation, aren't I? I may have to print a retraction, unless everyone goes to visit his blog and add lots of nice comments! Then he may forgive me!

    Thank you Julia, That is great! Another award! This is turning into a very nice week. It's like being given lots of hugs!

  17. I have been out of the blogging community for a week with visiting family and friends and what a welcome back when I tuned in! Thank you so much for thinking of me!

    Peter is such a hoot ! Is he the only male in this group???

  18. It's nice to have you back Deb!

    Peter is not the token male in the group! Another 3 regular visitors are Mike, David and Kevin! Go visit them, they have really good blogs

  19. Thanks for popping in. I'm just giving the post a little tweak before linking it up...

    btw My Mum used to give us a stick of celery with a tube of cream cheese to squirt along it, can't buy it anywhere now!

  20. I didn't appreciate celery as a child, it has actually just become a love of mine recently! I bought a cheese and celery sandwich from Marks & Spencers, out of sheer desperation and found it was absolutely my favourite filling.

  21. Aw how sweet of you. :D Thanks Holler!


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